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Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/17/08
my first fan fiction...

pls. comment a.s.a.p. after you finish reading this...

2 years have past and now..
and mikan, ruka, natsume and hotaru are now middle school students (same as high school)

while mikan and hotaru are walking, they meet ruka running and finding something.

mikan: hey ruka, what are you doing?
ruka: i'm finding my rabbit. i just put it on my desk on the room then it ran away.
mikan: can we help?
ruka: sure. why not. try to look over the bushes.
hotaru: hey how come we?
mikan: come on hotaru. let's help ruka find his rabbit.
hotaru: i don't have time for this.

then hotaru leave mikan to ruka.

mikan: (with a weird look in her face) Hotaru! when i see you again better get ready!.
hey ruka. did you find your pet?
ruka: no not yet.
ugh.. where did that animal go?
mikan: oh. there it is! i've found it!

ruka and mikan went to the tree to catch ruka's pet.

ruka: (with a blushing cheeks) thanks mikan. i can't do it without you.
mikan: it's a pleasure.
oh. it's getting late. well, this is goodbye for the day.
ruka: yeah. ok. see you tomorrow mikan.
mikan see ya!

to be continued...
by the way, this chapter 1 is only an introduction for you to know...

hope i did my best shot! pls. comment and add some suggestion to make it more nice..

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Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/18/08
Nice one ^_^
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Posted 4/18/08 , edited 4/19/08
i like it.... i really love this anime....
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Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/19/08
ehehehe.... at last u have one fanfiction
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