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Post Reply What Do You Think a Type of GirL "L" WanTs...???
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Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/14/10

lacus_0822 wrote:

someone to show him a different life than what he has now.. someone to teach him how to feel emotions.. someone that he will love and give love in return.. he deserves someone like that..

I agree, someone who would also take care of him, and smart and sweet, serious and stands for justice and is brave.
i think if a girl who truly know him as he is and understands him.

NuRaini_92 wrote:

hai guys.what bout a girl who cute,cheerful,happy go lucky,active just 4 the outside look but she is totally different in inside look.she is serious,intelligence and work 4 the organization that L interrogate..
how is that???can accept..

That'll be interesting.
Posted 2/5/10 , edited 2/6/10
Maybe someone smart and one dat eats alot of jusnk like L ^_^
Posted 2/11/10 , edited 2/12/10
I don't think L has any interest in women (or men). But if he did date, it would probably be someone with a lot of intelligence like Light, or someone like Naomi Misora.
Posted 11/26/10 , edited 11/26/10
Posted 2/2/11 , edited 2/2/11
I think none. but if misa was more..........or ca beat him, i would think misa ^^
Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
who knows ?!! maybe Misa's type
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