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S. Korean cadets say their biggest enemy is: 33% N. Korea, 34% USA
Posted 4/27/08
Well the US sure as hell did not help Korea because it cared about the well being of koreans so to be honest the koreans have no reason to thank them cos they didn't do it for them but for themselves. Also the way America likes wars in foreign countries (Iraq, Vietnam, and of course korea) probably makes any nation who isn't like america or which doesn't fit american ideals nervous. (My vote is Iran is probably going to be next)
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Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/27/08

shibole wrote:

memphit wrote:
No, if you think about it, it makes sense. While the younger generation doesn't necessarily hate NK, we do resent KJI. On the other hand, it is the YOUTH that dislike America, and since its mandatory for all men to serve, you are going to get all those anti-US young guys serving. Thats why it was only aruond 30% and not 100%. So a minority in SK thinks the US is the enemy, big deal. A VAST majority of the US disapproves of Bushes job, but apparently that doesn't matter either.

Of course it matters. Bush is an idiot.... he's like the Republican Jimmy Carter. But luckily he's going away at the end of the year.

I think the key thing about the stats is that even 30% of highly educated students come out thinking that the US is the biggest enemy and don't know basic things about US participation in the Korean war. This is less of a public opinion indicator and more of an indicator of bias in the educational system, basically people trying to teach students to think this. (Read the whole article. Link fixed in original post.)

The US has it's own problems with teachers trying to politically brainwash students as well. This kind of thing pisses me off in the US and anywhere else it happens. In closed totalitarian societies it's pretty much expected, but it's just sad as hell when it happens in places that aren't totalitarian.

Who cares - post away. Its just the popular thing nowadays to bitch and moan at the United States, that and the fact that 95% of the kids on here don't understand a hard life at all. They just sit on their computers all day and watch anime (then cry and moan when they can't get it for free)

Most have NO idea of the sacrifice that people had to make in order for them to be free.

But looking at the economic outlook of the future, it looks like a lot of these peoples soft lifestyle will be going up in smoke in the next few years.

Also people saying that the states is only looking out for its own interests, tell me what country goes around doing things free of charge just to be a good lil nation?

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Posted 4/27/08

krnofdrg wrote:

chynkz wrote:

krnofdrg wrote:

chynkz wrote:

shibole wrote:

chynkz wrote:
dude the US helped but you make them look like freakin saviours......allainces arent ment to look like one is better than other its help between allies not to put the other country down saying they are better so step back

I'm not putting the whole country down, just certain political elements in the country who sit around enjoying their prosperity while bitching about the things that made it possible.

So, are you trying to say that there'd be a South Korea right now without American help? I know it's not like they didn't participate in the war, but still... I think they would have lost without help.

And yes, I realize that the US wouldn't help just to be nice, but the fact is that they did help for whatever reason, Americans died, and other Americans came close to dying. I think that deserves more respect than it gets in S. Korea in general.

fine i can agree with politics and such being hidden but korea also helped the US in a war.....Vietnam....korea sent men to vietnam to help pay back for the help they had uncle was in that war and he survived to tell me stories of what happened there helping the US soldiers

I think your right!!!
Korea helped US in the iraq war and the vietnam war.... It mines their relations with the US are very close

but I agree with u!!!!

yay i have someone that agrees with me!!!!!!

It doesn't me every S.Korean Agrees.....
Its just the armys choice...
But overall the population will like the US....

But we wouldnt be looking in trash cans... and eating kimchi....

truthfully to me it doesnt matter who helps who because their always two sides to the story its all about which one you choose to hear or lack there of
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Posted 6/19/09
I'm not in the armed forces. I'm just your every day kind of guy.

I've never had a problem with being treated disrespectfully by any South Korean, with the exception of two immature 20-something year old girls who were the type to enjoy (and possibly) start rumors. Of course, that's completely unrelated.

The majority of my friends at my university are South Koreans. I may be going there for the Fall 2009 semester. One of the guys even took to calling me "brother" and gave me a Korean name. All of the guys had, of course, already served their time in the military.

/shrug Just say'n.
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Posted 7/16/09
where's the guy who made the book? and the teacher's that freaking TAUGHT the damned lesson? did they really know NOTHING aswell? wow. ._. I want to slap them all silly >_>
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Posted 7/18/09
At least South Korea is a democracy government.
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Posted 9/11/09
The RoK Marines became so famous for their exploits (such as 13 special forces taking out over 200 Viet Cong soldiers with a few injured and only one death, in which the battle actually descended to hand-to-hand combat. Guess the Koreans kicked Viet Cong ass with Tae Kwon Do) in Vietnam that they were given the title: The Legendary Republic of Korea Marines.
In fact, the Viet Cong instructed its guerilla soldiers to avoid Koreans at all costs.

I wish Al Qaeda would speak of the Koreans the same way the Viet Cong did.
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Posted 11/15/09
wow that hella suckx even when thee u.s helped them out too -_____-"
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Posted 2/5/10
OP nuked. If anyone wants to recreate this thread, feel free to do so

~ Locked
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