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Quote from WikiPedia

Persona -trinity soul- takes place ten years after the end of Persona 3. It is set in Ayanagi City, a city located near the Sea of Japan, and its police force begins to investigate several cases involving a mysterious illness called the Apathy Syndrome. Ten years ago, Ayanagi city had been subjected to a severe earthquake crisis, with the city been fully recovered from it.

In the midst of the crisis, two brothers named Shin and Jun Kanzato move back to Ayanagi to see their elder brother Ryō, who is now the Superintendent of the Ayanagi City Police. It has been ten years since the three siblings last met with each other.

I look forward to this when it is announced since the game is pretty popular and i have always like supernatural and mystery anime,and whatsmore the studio that make this isn't that bad either.

My interest in this show dropped considerably in the first 8 episodes or so because there doesn't seem to be much going on,and the character development is like almost zero,especially Jun because he is the one that caught my interest in the first episode when he talks to himself.

The series focus a bit on here and there until episode 13,which is the turning point of the series.They even changed the OP and ED for episode 14.which really means 13 is the turning point with
.Her death didn't really hit me,since her character didn't grow on me at all and sorry if i may sound harsh but it is her own foolishness that killed her.

With episode 14 onwards,it seem like the pace of the series is finally starting to move.We get to see characters from Persona 3,Akihiko and Inui(this guy may be Ken Amada or Junpei,not sure yet).

It looks like the war is finally starting now.Warm-up round is over.Here comes the action

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