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"Wonderland" is a 2D adventure MMORPG based on several ancient South American and Pacific Island cultures; the mysterious Mayans, the huge stone statues of Easter Island and much more combine to form unique quests filled with fascinating elements that our players will experience throughout the game.

It was a clear, crisp day aboard the luxury cruise ship Oceanic Star. The massive ship cut through the indigo water with precision on her way around the world. Tourists aboard enjoyed the weather on deck by sunbathing or frolicking in the warm pool. It was a day like any other for them, carefree and relaxed, but all was not as it seemed...
A sharp sound split the air and a shudder resounded throughout the ship. Deck chairs overturned, and sunbathers were thrown roughly to the deck amid a tangle of gear, people and personal items. The people aboard were in a state of panic. What could have happened? The well trained crew tried to regain order and, following orders from the Captain, began moving the passengers to the lifeboats.
Chaos ensued as passengers realized that their worst fears had been realized...the ship was going down.
As they boarded the lifeboats and paddled away, a sense of panic began to overcome them and many passed out from the exertion. Upon awakening they found they had been stranded on an isolated island with nothing and no one else around except for a few shattered remains of the ship and a few boxes of supplies.
If these strangers are to survive this ordeal they must put aside their petty differences and work together. A few survivors set out to gather any resources they could find on the island. In doing this they began to see that this island was not as barren as they thought and was full of life and resources that, properly used, might help them make their way back home. This is where you join them. Let the adventure begin...


There are total of 12 characters to pick
Each of them have their own special skills
Ok im gonna show u how they look like :ph34r:









Konno tsuruko





There are 4 elements to choose

Fire , Water , Earth and Wind
Like i mention b4 each of them have their special skills.That is if ur wearing ur newbie clothes.In Wonderland , you could also learn to fishing , alchemy , cutting and also mining.
You could also have ur own tent just like ur own house.There are pets too =P


Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/18/08
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