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29 / F / Lelouch's bed
Posted 4/17/08

After King Gilgamesh defeated "The tower" single-handedly, the tower after many years has been reborn again (an event refered to as the "Summer of Anu"). Jil, a young guardian, has traveled to the tower and Metz Kier, the last safe stop on the first floor of the tower. Jil wants to gain the Blue Crystal Rod, the fabled weapon that resides on the top floor of the tower. On the top floor is the evil lord Druaga, and numerous monsters among the way.

The first episode is good.Episode 1 is a parody of all types of cliches and stuff that normally happens in shounen and also other genres of animes such as ecchi.It's downright hilarious and i like it.I wasn't planning to watch it actually,because Boobanauts really left me a bad,bad,bad impression of GONZO that i already had before Boobanauts.After the Boobanauts fiasco i dont want to watch anymore GONZO animes but episode 1 won me over.

However,episode 2 is pretty disappointing.It's not funny anymore,it's just your typical shounen anime.Regardless of that,i will continue watching this a few more episodes before deciding whether i will drop this or not.But,i will most probably watch this till the end,because like i said in other thread,i will finish all animes with 13 episodes be it good or bad
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Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/17/08
well in order for crunchyroll not to go commecial on us we have to keep it high in views didnt really like the first ep anyway but gonna keep watchin none the less
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Posted 4/18/08
Just got ep3^^

Pretty good overall... But yeah as Sammi pointed out... it has turned into our typical shounen anime... Which is disappointing, though I just hope it doesn't fall into a cliche itself... Cause that would just be sad...

One thing though, it seems the plot has started to pick up. The "depth" is starting to show a little... but only time will tell what gonzo has intended for this series...

But yeah, that tentacle scene in EP1 was just hilarious... "not yet, just wait" *nose bleed*
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Posted 7/6/08
This ends the viewers section and begins the critique section
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