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23 / F / Aoi Land =D
Posted 5/8/08
i wanna b a student in the Sketching class =D
or a something XPP
Posted 6/17/08
i wanna to join Sketching Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11/14/08
Uhm....Can I be in the photography class?

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22 / F / Asia, singapore
Posted 11/22/08

candy_xOx wrote:

hello everyone~!!!! ^__________^
here you can choose 1 class to be in.

(give us more ideas for more classes)

There will also be try outs for being a:
-Deputy Principal(2)
-Assistant Principal(5)
-Library Monitor(10)
-Teachers(not decided yet because of more choices of classes)

Photography class sounds good...=D
i just joined, is it too late??
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