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Posted 8/23/08

Tomoyo-hime wrote:

-Dreamer wrote:

Tomoyo-hime wrote:

-Dreamer wrote:

but really, i swear she was mas***bating at one point
someone walked in though lol
i swear she was though; there was a picture
& there was a lot of russling coming from her.
but is she a lesbian because she is obsessed with Emphumia.


haha yesh she did get passionate with the table xD if you look at screenshots and art in general it confirms it, i was and am still disturbed by that scene XDD

hahaaa. lmao when i saw that
i found it soo funny lol
& someone walked in XD too funny.
im calmed down now xx

Yeah it was funny xD buut it would of been even more so if Lelouch or someone who could see walked in XDD

lmaooooooooooooooo. haha. i cant imagine that
then he just stares, lmao. haha.
no, no, what if SUZAKU saw xx
Posted 5/3/09
she is freaking annoying!
Posted 5/20/09

topjenkinz wrote:

She's obsessed with Euphemia... wierd...

shes gay.....
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Posted 8/13/09
Wow, so much hate for a fictional character. :[
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Posted 1/5/11
Theres s many things wrong. Shes obsessive, shes afraid of the Japanese, she tries to blow up a billion people, shes an ugly nerd, she hates zero, she loves Euphemia, and shes perverted. Gosh is that character written into the series just for everyone to hate.
Every time i see her i just mutter -ugh i hatee nina!-
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Posted 12/1/16
Nina and Ougi were the two people I wanted dead the most.
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