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Posted 4/18/08
Right. Here I am, your vice-principal... I would like to adress you all now on some stuff.


1. Please use OOC: or brackets when talking out of character in the middle of a roleplay session.
2. No godmoding or powerplaying
3. Please, please, PLEASE no chatspeak, incomplete sentences and the like. PLEASE
4. Stick to the setting.
5. No killing/maiming of other people's character's without the person's permission.
6. Have fun :)

Akaibara-sensei's Guide to Roleplaying

To those who do not know how to roleplay, please read.

FANTASY ACADEMY is a LITERATE roleplay group, so your post have to be literate.

This is so annoying! Why can't you come! -stamps foot and sighs-

Joanne shouted, "This is so annoying! Why can't you come!" She stamped her foot and sighed angrily.

Get it?

Now, on to IMPORTANT bussiness.

Godmoding means: Making your character all-powerful/invincible. Please, DO NOT do this. No-one is perfect, even your character. Make sure your character has faults, and their powers are on a more normal scale. And please, never, ever make an all-knowing character unless you, yourself are all-knowing. Which, most likely, you are not.

Powerplaying means: Controlling other people's characters or having tasks completed without saying so in your post. Please, control your own character. You have no right to control other people's characters. Even if you want the other character to do something, you cannot, must not, should not control. Don't be a bossy control-freak. And make sure your posts are detailed.

part 2. will be posted soon enough

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Akaibara-sensei's Guide to Roleplaying { part2 }

Intros, basically, are small little paragraphs introducing your character. We expect intros to be at least 2 paragraphs long.
Example of an Intro:

A dark haired girl walked along the corridor, clutching a thick book. She was wearing a green mage's robe, with a golden coloured rope around her waist as a belt. She tried to ignore the other students as she made her way to her dormitory. She ran up the stairs and unconsciously bumped into her classmate.

"Hey, watch it, Mizu." the boy said, irritated. Mizu, which was the girl's name, answered, "I'm sorry." She continued to run up the stairs, slowly this time, with her; and managed to reach the 3rd floor. She entered her room and she put her book on the bed. She sat down and gazed out the window, sighing.

Please make an Intro of at least that -points up- standard. Once you have finished your intro, post it in the "Introductions" board. { }


[x] You can reply to a roleplay topic anytime, you don't need to be online all the time. You can go on and off and still be in that rp session.

[x] No scolding of people, but your character can scold other characters. DO NOT INSULT ANYONE, or you'll get it.


Any other questions, feel free to PM me. I advise you not to ask the Principal or the Head Teacher-in-Charge as they don't really know anything about roleplaying so far.
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Posted 4/21/08
Your so mean Teshin I do know a bit about roleplaying.

P.S. Principal Does Not though
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Posted 5/5/08
hey i do too.....hmph!
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Posted 6/4/08
I'M SORRY Chocolat is being such a cry baby.
unfortunately there's gonna be another message about this.

strawberrychocolat wrote:

hey i do too.....hmph!

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Posted 11/18/08
sry,i just came across tis group 2day
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