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Posted 4/18/08 , edited 4/21/08
Ariel Lin's wish of cutting her hair short will come true! A long time ago one after another of advertisements, she would have to keep the long hair look, now accepting the idol drama "Paper Rose 野玫瑰", she can naturally cut it like Yoon Eun Hye or Maki Horikita's cute image.

Ariel is the new favorite of advertisements, each time filming the ads, even though the merchants didn't request it in the contract indicating "can't cut short hair", but there is: "don't do too big of a change." Ariel personally really loves changes in hairstyle, but it's always limited by manager Xiaoyu.

Taking on the filming of new drama "Wild Rose", Ariel's dream is spoken. In the drama she loves a guy too much, but that person actually leaves, so with the pain decides to change herself to become him, with saying another word agrees to take the hair down: "just cut it."

Ariel's earlier preferred artist worker, seems to be far from any action, family and relatives are also not giving up on introducing her potentials, sometimes it would be during family gatherings, they'll bring to her to "matchmake". But those that know Ariel well know that the type she likes is the muscular Daniel Wu, all of the guys her relatives bring are all too honest, will never have sparks.

Ariel Lin and Mike He's 3 year heart knot is hard to untie, according to reports Ariel has accepted 2 new dramas; "Paper Rose" and "Extravagant Challenge", producers originally had preferred to have Ariel and Mike to be on stage together, at the end because Ariel clearly stated she didn't want to be on the same stage as Mike, both have declined.

Yesterday "Paper Rose" announced their chosen male lead, it's Bryant Chang from Ariel's same company. Ariel's manager Zhoumeiyu says, once heard that the producers had wanted to use Ariel and Mike's relationship as a big write up, she of course to protect her artist is first, against letting Ariel and Mike to be on stage together. She said: "Since it's already known that the focus is on news, why would we do it?" But she also firmly indicated: "In the entertainment industry there is no forever enemy, except there just some things, that needs time to slowly digest."

Ariel and Mike were once TVBS's heavily promoted on screen couple, 3 years ago at the time they collaborated together on the idol drama "Love Contract", there were rumors saying sparks were exchanged, whoever thought because Mike said to others saying he never had Ariel's number, rumors were strictly gossip news, causing Ariel to be quite embarrassed. The two from then are enmity, apart from no choice but to also shoot an advertisement they've never been together since.

Now Ariel is the idol drama #1 sis, the choice to choose character has influence, reports from Mike's manager Wuzhiyi heard "Paper Rose" producer's let Mike go because of Ariel, answering low keyed and helplessly: "Originally there was no confirmation that they were going to accept "Paper Rose"." And it is understood, the other drama "Extravagant Challenge" originally wanted Mike, now it is changed to Joe Cheng.

Zhoumeiyu says, because of "Paper Rose's" script it touched Ariel, it was decided long ago to accept filming, and for this drama's main band character, will cut off the long years of saved long hair. As for the main male lead they've found Bryant Chang, Zhoumeiyu disclosed it is the producers that have found Bryant Chang after they saw his new ad, think he is "Change of man after 18", asked him to do a screen test, at the end they were extremely satisfied and agreed, the producers were even suspecting if Bryant Chang had done plastic surgery. It'll be Bryant's first to be the drama's main male lead, salary compared to the past idol drama films he's done is nearly 3 times more.

credit to Cmiley
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Posted 4/22/08
wow!!...ariel lin and mike he... i didn't know...
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