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Post Reply which type of martial arts do u prefer and y?
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/29/10
Posted 9/5/10 , edited 9/5/10
I chose all ...not because I am trained but because I LOVE TO FIGHT! Its discipline that I lack. Grappling I imagine allowing the opponent to get a hold of me THEN i am in control because they stepped into my circle.Most pressure points are within reach. Striking...tell me you dont like just putting you fist through a wall or enemies face. Im sure this is not what is meant but if you can channel your chi into that strike it can be powerful. Weaponry....OMG dont even GET ME STARTED! Now I realize that your talking about ancient and modern weapons of sparring. NOW THE BIG ONE....Discipline. If you become a human weapon you have to be able to control yourself or you will end up killing someone. If you cant keep yourself from winging the much needed bird at someone who pulls out in front of you on the street then you may consider NOT learning tech that can ultimatly fook someone up or get you shot out of fear. I need to know focus...I struggle with discipline yet will keep working on it. I can defend myself well that is all I need.
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