school's secret 3
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Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/19/08
chapter 3

while the four (mikan, hotaru, natsume, ruka) are searching the information about the history of the school,

mikan: okay! i'm going to the library first to search it.
natsume: yeah like you can do that all by yourself.
mikan: hey! hotaru's with me to search it.
i know. why don't we make a contest on this activity? the pair who have the most information within three days will win and the prize is the pair who lose will do anything what the winning pair said for a week. you and ruka are going to be partners while me and hotaru are partners.
natsume: fine. it's a deal.

and the contest begins.

while mikan and hotaru are searching at the library,

hotaru: mikan:
mikan: hmm?
hotaru: when we win, what are you going to do with the two(natsume and ruka)?
mikan: they're gonna be my slaves for a week hahahaha! (evil laugh)
hotaru: ok then. but if we lose, i'm not a part of this contest anymore.
mikan: but hotaru
hotaru: i am just your partner so you cannot be disqualified.
mikan: aww come on hotaru if they win, what will they going to do with us?

mikan started to think bad things that natsume and ruka will going to do with them...

mikan: aaaaaa...

hotaru smiled at mikan and said

hotaru: you're not going to lose i'll help you search all of the information so you will win..
mikan: thanks hotaru (hugs hotaru)
hotaru: don't hug me you idiot or else i'll not help you.
mikan: ehehe.. sorry about that..

chapter 4 will be soon
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