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F / In the middle of...
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Amu walked alone to school again,tired from last nights crazy dream' she walked she felt that she was being followed once more she turned and thought that she saw somone move behind a garbage can "Ran charecter change with me please" Amu said quikcly,Ran just nodded and did what she said.Amu quickly jumped over the garbage can and saw a
"H-Huh"Amu said "Ikuto's gonna scold me" the little cat said "I-Ikuto?" Amu asked.The little cat flew away "Amu-chan a guardian chara!" Ran gasped "No really!" Miki said,she sounded like she already knew that.The little cat dissapeard "N-No way...whats going on?" Amu asked...."Ano...Amu-chan whats wrong with Miki?"Ran asked,Amu turned around and saw Miki with hearts in her eyes "that chara was cool" Miki gasped "EEHH!?"Amu gasped

Ikuto walked quietly though the bright streets and saw yoru come up gaping for air.Ikuto picked him up by the coler and said "What happened?"Yoru stopped breathing and looked up at Ikuto "N-Nothing!"Yoru gasped

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19 / F / in my dreams with...
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