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Posted 4/19/08
ok girls,we've had favourite anime but now it's time for your favourite character!

it can be from a manga,drama or anime, can be male, female,an alien,dog,cat whatever!!
the question is when they come on are you glued to the screen? fantasizing about them?
drowning in a puddle of drool? fainting at there bishieness?
if so who is it?!

my fave character would have to be abel nightshroud from trinity blood!
he seems like a silly and absentminded cutie, who's bad with money and is always hungry
but really is a crusnic,a vampire that eats other vampires!(ooh er)
sigh....if only he were real
Posted 5/20/08
i like natsume and ruka from gakuen alice
i like kukai from shugo chara
i like hatori momiji hatsuharu and kisa from fruits basket
i like rina and kaito from mermaid melody
i like seiran from saiunkoku monogatari
i like kaname-senpai from vampire knight
i like soshi and zero from absolute boyfriend
and thats all i could think right now xD~
Posted 5/23/08
~L (Death Note)
~Misa Amane (Death Note)
~Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man)
~Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
~Eiji Kikumaru (Prince Of Tennis)
~Yuuki Kurosu (Vampire Knight)
~Zero Kiriyuu (Vampire Knight)
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