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Posted 4/19/08
anbu_ops is about fullfilling a chance 2 be an anbu operations member/ninja

can either be a chump and stay anbu level or actually get out there try finishing the missions and reaching a goal of being anbu captain or higher

In anbu_ops we would like 2 try and establish a friendly environment where we can all get along either by talkin, or in fighting

If u are 2 be killed in a fight u will be kicked from the group bcuz u r dead,no longer breathing, deacesed, not among the living.... u get my point (if u find some1 who's been kicked tell me or a mod so we can post it in a forum)

If u are beaten in a fight but not killed we will have u banned from fighting 4 a period of time depending on how bad ur injuries are

So basically we are just tryin 2 make this as real life as possible.... welcome 2 the new world
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Posted 4/30/08
i dont think we shld kick anyone who get killed. i mean yes...mayb unactive for quite some time? hmmms
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