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29 / F / over the rainbow
Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/29/08
Queen city of the south, Philippines
i am: a human being with feelings! lol...and an anime addict!! call me emo, i don't care...///_^ *dats ur opinion, not mine
i am not:bad....just don't want to be good all the time... >:)
i like:☺ anime!☺ ♫♪music!♪♫ ♣draw!♣ ☼☼soccer!☼☼ ►cute anime!► ♀cute guys!♀ *lol*

feel free to be my buddy!! and get to know me more...
(don't judge me by my cover! coz you're not a judge! lol!) *trying to make you laugh* Ü
*wink* hope we'll all get along...Ü
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23 / F / in a place where...
Posted 5/29/08
Name: Iris
Location: In my dream, music, and drawing world
Age: 13
I am: a computer freak
I´m not: normal.
I like: computer, anime, manga, to draw, sleep boys that are cute ( draw really good in manga but humans not really)
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Posted 6/4/08

--the name's Jamie Lou.. (Lou is NOT my last name btw).. but Jamie is just fine..
--i don't like to draw~~~I LOVE IT!! ^_^
--i'm 19-20 ..
--location??--ALL OVER san francisco, CA.. (USA)
--i am a student & developing artist
--i'm not about to type too much about myself (check my profile if interested)
(and just like nyda88..)
--I like: Books, anime, manga, to draw, sleep:P
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27 / F / aichi-ken ichiome...
Posted 6/7/08 , edited 6/7/08
im momo hayakawa
a mid lvl animator..
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25 / F / iloilo city, Phil...
Posted 6/8/08

the name's DENISE and just call me DENS....hmmmm...the thing is i like drawing like most of the time....i wanna be a future mangaka or graphic artist someday.....and i have a boyish attitude.....and what the hell would i care about what people say to me!!!!!!!!!!! i'm boyish but not a total lesbian.....SO IF YOU JUDGE ME OF SOMETHING STUPID AND NOT TRUE YOU'LL GONNA BE DEAD!!!!!!!!!! Image I'M AN ANIME FANATIC, GOT THAT!!!!!! and DRAWING IS MY THING!!!!

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25 / F / Iwatodai
Posted 6/12/08
i'm Arisato_Aigis n still an amatur in drawing ..yoroshiku..
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27 / M / Somewhere in this...
Posted 7/23/08
My name is Trevor
Clarksville TN
I'm 18
In the 2010 I'm going to UTI to be an automotive technician. Few years later, I want to get my art major to be a game designer.
After when I'm settle, in early 30's I have plans on being a mangaka, a manga artist.
Please to meet you all Image
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31 / M / phoenix, az
Posted 7/23/08
i am charles
az, usa
21 years old
i planing to be a video game designer and i already in collage for the degree right now already done 6 months
and i not gay lol
i like video games, watch alot of anime, draw alot, go to movies theaters, and sleep =P
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28 / F / Canada
Posted 8/5/08
Name: Diana
Location: Some were in the USA >.>
I am Canadian!
I like to Draw Read manga books And watch anime.
I am planning on going to college this year for Art.
I would like to either Become a Video Game designer that or Help in some major Animation project.
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23 / F / nowhere land
Posted 8/8/08
name~bianca(or bia-chan)
dob~april 20, '95
location~my little town in north new jersey
i like drawing,but i need to be extremely motivated...
i only draw every other month
it takes me 2-3 days to draw something that looks like it came out of a manga artbook
my inspirations are:rock music,j-pop,cinemma bizarre,tokio hotel
fave colors:black,blue,red,and purple
fave anime:clannad(classical:sailor moon)

i get random and crazy sometimes...
PS : i have a pretty girlfriend(i'm bi)
Posted 8/8/08 , edited 8/8/08
Name: Kazekat (i like this best ^^)
Location: at my computer~! hee hee
Age: 18
I am: V6 fangirl ^o^, art lover, lots of things~!!!
I´m not: arrogant...noooo!!!
I like: anime/manga, J-rock/pop, JE, K-pop/C-pop, cooking, sports~!

(laughs) forgot to do this when I joined...^^;;;
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23 / F / k.s.a
Posted 8/17/08
Name: Qoot.
Location: Soudi Arabia.
Age: 13.
I am:Nice .. :sweatingbullets:.. .
I´m not: Normal Girl.
I like: Anime \ J-K Drama \ My sisters \ electoronecs >>i do not now how to spell it .
Posted 8/17/08
Hi to everyone !!!
Name: Meg (not my true name)
Location: Europe or in front of computer
Age: 18+ soon 19 x]
I am: crazy, random
I´m not: normal in some ways...and Im not Paris Hilton:P!!!!
I like: eating, drawing, manga, anime, cats&spiders, music, furry things :P, spending time with close friends

cya ^^
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25 / F / ♥inside your mind♥
Posted 8/28/08
Hi im penny and im 15... i live in finland and i love fotogtaphing and drawing and im gonna be a fotographer when i grow up... im big fan of many jrock bands and anime series/manga books i appreciate ppl how are like the way they are and says things like they are
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Posted 8/29/08
hi duds
im musab
im 18. i love basketball and drawing ,maby making some joks
i love meet a nwe friends
my favurite cuntry is japan
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