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25 / F / Mars
Posted 4/19/08
hi, i'm maria. your tsuchikage. =] i'll do anything and everything to make this country the BEST!
anyways.. um, about me.. i'm fifteen years old, and i turn sixteen on the 4th of june. i love anime as many of you do.. and i love reading manga as well. i love my friends, and if you hurt them in any way, i WILL hunt you down.

... yeah. your turn!
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24 / M / Where Ever You Ne...
Posted 4/19/08
Hey nice too meet everyone. Im John =D so im korean and im 14 years old. i turn 15 in december 14. Hope to get friendly with everyone here and have a good time. So thx and plz add me
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24 / F / Thailand
Posted 4/20/08

I'm Pim
I'm Thai
I'm 14 yeas old

I love Naruto and Deidara so much!!
Art is a bang!

Call me 'Deidara's girlfriend' haha
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36 / M / Flint MI ....wel...
Posted 4/20/08
hello everyone. im ken and mostly im bored. i like watching anime and reading the manga to see what is gonna happin next. umm ya lol
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Posted 4/21/08
My turn! >w< HIYA PEOPLEZ! I'm a [sometimes] hyper 15 year old azn gurl!! >w< Call me Shi-Shi! XD NICE TA MEETCHA!!! X3 (just had orange soda)
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
Ohohohoh!! That makes it Kimmy's turn! :3 Hihihi! I'm Kim! I'm mostly hyper and random, If i'm not, i'm in a bad mood or haven't had enough Pepsi max to drink xD rawr, well ~pew! what to say ;P umum...I am 15 and have been for almost a year now =] hehe! ohoh let's see hmmmmm *thinks* I dunno what to say about be honest... x___x boring? rawr! ohohoh! well I guess i could say that ummm...I love cookies! ;D
I am the awesome-est ninja and pokemon master too xD lolol nahnah I joke, that is Maria's job
omgomg what else? I am...Half English and half Australian....and.... x___x well, as you can see, i'm an incredibly dull person! heyheyhey, buddy meh! :3 always good to have more friends!
ohoh also! me is a kid 4 lyfe! xD
me also luv chatting xD chatting = <3
lol..listen to me rant....anyways
if you wanna know more then buddy meh! :P
eep x___x I shouldn't be here...
*teleports away*
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77 / F / heartlaaand.┼
Posted 4/28/08 crisa.
&& a filipino.
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26 / M
Posted 5/18/08
Lance AKA Kyo
about me:
Sometime I can go cool or really hyper......One of the tennis regular in my school......Juz buddy me!
hobbies: playing tennis, listening to music, watch on

Posted 5/25/08

i am stella
me ish 13, 14 soon
me a girl, DUH^^

stella-chan wuvs anime, but mostly romance and comedy series, and sometimes tragedy, tehe
hmm.. if yuu wanna know more about moi. click me profile!! tehe
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26 / Malaysia
Posted 5/29/08
sori for the late intro...pretty busy with my studies..eito..

im pei shi
im 17
am a chinese

luvs an anime freak...
fav hobbies- playing badminton,surf the net,and of course watching anime!!!
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26 / M / In the deepest pa...
Posted 6/17/08
Hey, this is John
I am Viet
favorite hobbies - beta testing games
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28 / M / Aiur
Posted 6/25/08
scuba diver
anime critic
now watch kirby dance <("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")>
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