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Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/19/08
This is A little Naruto Quiz.It's like that Naruto Quiz for being a mod.Instead its just for fun.So post your answers!!!And People,If you missed some then you'll learn more about Naruto.Be Sure To Post your Score you got and be honest of your answer.So Here are Questions #1-#5:

1.Name One Of The Eye Techniques In Konoha(Leaf Village).
2.What Is Naruto Ranked At in Shippuuden?
3.Did Orochimaru Died in shippuuden?
4.Did Sasuke learned Mongeque Sharingan?
5.True Or False:Itachi killed Sasuke

The Answers:(Don't Cheat Or else...)

If you got them all right then congratulations go to Naruto Quiz-Class Studies for your next quiz
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