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Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/20/08
-Cannot Do The Quiz If You Did Not Pass Naruto Quiz-Ninja Class Studies-

This is A little Naruto Quiz.It's like that Naruto Quiz for being a mod.Instead its just for fun.So post your answers!!!And People,If you missed some then you'll learn more about Naruto.Be Sure To Post your Score you got and be honest of your answer.(#10-#20)

10.What is a jutsu that makes chakra spin into a ball?
11.Who is Konohamoru's Teacher?
12.Who Is The Creator Of Naruto?
13.Whats the name of the bijuu that was sealed in Garra?
14.Who Gratuated Ninja Academy At the youngest age?(A.Itachi,B.Kakashi,C.Minato,D.Sasuke)
15.Which Shinobi Country Is Allied With Konoha?
16.Name The Members of Squad 10.
17.Who is Pain's Partner?
18.Why is the Uchiha Clan was murdered by Itachi?
19.Who is Tobi's Real identity?
20.Who Teached Naruto Rasenshurekin?

PM itachi643 your answers

I Will Tell You If you pass
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