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25 / M / hueco mundo
Posted 10/28/07
i stated watching anime every now and again, but now i am constantly thinking about it.
does i get angry when anime doesn't come out on time, and every day i must wait, is burden.

so i believe it is an obsession

what is it to you?: a hobby, good tv, or an obsession

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M / no code to escape...
Posted 10/28/07
I think u mean Anime Obsession...the title makes this look like it belongs to the general section...


What was your first Anime obsession?

This would be more suited for the anime section...

If belong to General Section:

What Interests You?

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31 / M / Japan
Posted 10/28/07
Best place to talk about this is here:

Anime Addiction

The thread started off poorly, but people discuss about obsessions over anime in this thread.

EDIT: hmm... that thread was redirected here:

Why do people love Anime?

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