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Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/20/08
Mixed reviews on this one. Sweet Jae, Cheesy Jae, Player Jae, Flirty Jae, Dorky Jae, or Corny Jae, you decide:


Fan: Oppa Oppa Oppa, can't you be my real Oppa?

JJ: Come here. ^^

Fan: Ah~ I really miss Jaejoong oppa!! Now I'm always listening to [Crying] while missing oppa. Oppa's voice is so sweet.

JJ: Oppa thinks your words are really sweet. T T

Fan: Oppa is mine.

JJ: Honey, you're mine.

Fan: If we meet during a concert in Taegu, please hold my hand.

JJ: I know~ Our cute ball. (T/N: Can also mean ball of cuteness)

Fan: I really really like, I love oppa. Keke

JJ: Really? I love you too.

Fan: If only I had a week, then I would see Oppas. I've been waiting very long! Please come back quickly.

JJ: I miss the Cassiopeians very much too! Please wait a little longer. Jaejae will run over quickly!! (Note: We all know how fast, or slow Jaejoong can run after watching Line Up. xD )

Fan: If you're tired or without strength, please just reply me with the lyrics of [Begin].

JJ: (in Japanese) You seem a little down.... Did anything happen? I'll try to finish my work quickly and rush back. Wait for me. ^^


Source : 7 Minutes in Fandom Heaven
Translation Credit : [email protected]
Credits : [email protected] + Fan Girl Mitz + [email protected]'skitchen + [email protected]
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