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Anyone remember the N64?
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36 / M / Construction land!
Posted 6/30/11
Remembering the... N64? *cries* It's not that old of a system! I suppose if I asked people here if they remember the NES, blowing in cartridges and all, I'd be seriously depressed...

(And yes, I remember the 64. It's still hooked up, and I still get an occasional game for it. So... about the Virtual Boy...)
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26 / F / New Jersey
Posted 7/3/11
Ocarina of Time
Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2
Super Smash Bros.
Love these games
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33 / M / London
Posted 7/3/11
Classic console!

Although I spent more time on the PS1 my favourite games in that generation were mostly N64 ones.

Zelda, ocarina of Time
Mario 64
Smash Brothers
Star Fox 64
Mario Kart 64
Zelda Majora's Mask

Even today I revisit some of these on emulator from time to time
Posted 7/3/11
Of course I do.
Super Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Mario Kart 64.

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Posted 7/3/11
it's better than newer generation systems (not refering to games demselves) i mean all you had to do was blow the game card and it would work, but if you scratch a cd or something its automaticaly broken. STILL DOE, I LOVE PLAYING MARIO GAMES ON DA 64, MWUAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
Posted 10/2/11
who would forget that system! :DD

i still play it c:
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31 / M / Elk Grove, CA
Posted 10/4/11
The best video game system to ever come out in the 90's (right next to the PSX).

Played such awesome games from Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Posted 10/4/11
Ohh, man. EVERYBODY remembers the N64. Badass console that had even more badass games. Good times, good times. Wish I still had mine...
Posted 10/7/11
i love N64 and i still play ocarina of time alot. i like mario cart too XD.
Posted 10/11/11
Golden Eye was the shit and so was Super Smash Bros
Posted 10/12/11
My friend still has hers! We play on SSBB all the time! xD
Posted 10/15/11
Its not like its 50 years old or something Of course. I still have my adorable Pikachu N64.
Posted 8/26/12
I love my N64 :3
Posted 8/31/12
The N64 was the most useless console to me, out of all I've owned before and after it. It just never appealed to me except for two titles: Mario Kart and Goldeneye.
Posted 8/31/12
Ill take a super nes over a n64 anyday , theres only like a handful of niche games that I love on n64 though
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