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** Shugo Chara Spoilers ** do not read if you don't like spoilers
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Posted 6/30/08

jaylinaliu wrote:

versaythe wrote:

yeah I read the manga raws recently and omgg Shugo Chara became so...messed up in a good way actually sort of haha makes me want to continue reading it
it's so funny how the targeted audience are young girls and this kind of complications develop
especially Utau's brother complex and Ikuto's a lolicon..they're an interesting pair of siblings I guess
Gosh though Amu has a male harem following her now such a playgirl X3
also I would love to see Amu and Utau have an idol battle singing out each other HAHA
I read somewhere that Amu has a 5th egg although it hasnt been confirmed's an egg with crosses on it not like a batsu-tama but yeah very curious about that =)

u mean like this?

True amu has another chara Amulet cross a witch type i belive their is a pic on another form
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