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Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/20/08
My heart aches for Saito when he gets whipped/beaten up
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I know Louise is Tsundere.
But ahving him getting whipped is abit too much xD

How do you guys actually feel?
Even though its an anime and such.
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Posted 4/20/08
tat's her chrac in the anime i guess,so cnt possibly change too much or it wun be her
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Posted 4/24/08
me too, but i guess that's just how louise expresses her feelings for saito.
Posted 4/30/08
yeah beating the crud out of him really does say she loves him huh not like siesta or kirche who both are veeery nice to him. i must say saito aint very bright if he decided on the girl who beats him or he is a masochist(person who loves pain and not sure if its spelled right)
Posted 5/15/08
my head beats when i here explosions from louise
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