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Sasuke Uchiha is Emo? I dont think so
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Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
Fuck he is >_<'
He may look emo but if he were emo he would PROBABBLY sit in a dark corner cutting himself ... ( i've got no offence for emos .. but thats kinda what they do .. i think ^^, )
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
i agree, he's not emo at all,....
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Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
I think he is pretty cool at least hes better than all the people saying....narutard narutard narutard narutard
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Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08

he's cool...

weLL, im dun want to jugde on him...
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Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08

somethingwong wrote:

Alot of people have been saying Sasuke Uchiha is emo, well i think thats bullshit.

I dont really see how he's emo.
Sure, his clan got massacred by his bro (Itachi), but he doesn't really seem emo.

Well here's my opinions on why Sasuke isn't emo.

-There are spoilers, i think, so if you haven't watched Naruto through Shippuuden then heres the warning-

*Sasuke always seems to be by himself
~ I wouldn't say that he's emo in this case, maybe a loner?
~ Anyways during missions he's never alone, always with Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto

*Sasuke does whatever he fucking wants
~When he abandoned Konoha, he goes to Orochimaru to get stronger, on his own free will.
~ Doesn't give a shit about Naruto till Naruto got stronger after the Chunin Exams, then he got jealous/envious and wanted to kick his ass to prove whose stronger.
~He wants to kill Itachi for pissing him off (kid Sasuke running into Itachi then getting punched in the gut ) and to avenge the clan, which is out of anger and hate
~He stands up for his own personal opinions despite what others think, that would be more like a rebel

*When Itachi and Madara (he helped ) massacred the Uchiha clan, Sasuke was sad / depressed
~I'll admit he was depressed after the uchiha massacre, but he didn't drag on the depression further in his life.
~Yeh he acts cold and like a little bitch, but he doesn't go cut himself or cry for endless hours or get angry at random times, or become suicidal.

*Sasuke isn't emo, the emo one should be Naruto
~If someone says Sasuke sucks, Naruto would probably turn Kyuubi (9-tailed demon fox) and kick their ass.
~He did cut himself with a kunai, reasons may be different from what he says, but he still did it. twice! (when he got poisoned from the Land of Waves Arc and the time he used his own hand to block Kabuto's kunai when Naruto was defending Tsunade, there may be even more!)
~Naruto crys for Sasuke a bunch of times. Then he gets depressed on how he couldn't save him and crap

Well thats all i could think up as of right now, if you got anything to add or say feel free to do whatever.

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