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Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/2/09
i like the alphafemale characters. xD
im reading a few of these mangas..

kaichou wa maid sama
shiawase kissa sanchoume
special a (ac2li ive stoped reading the manga but i watched the anime. xD)
oresama teacher (one of my favouries! now this is a really strong heroine! :D)

edit: forgot to add penguin revolution! gotta love fujimaru.
Posted 6/2/09
Perfect Girl Evolution..!
She's good with a chainsaw, can cook, and loves horror films XD
She's also beautiful the way she is and doesn't need to change :]]
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Posted 6/3/09
Anything by Motomi Kyouske.
~Beast Master
~Dengeki Daisy
~Penguin Prince
and then...

~Akuma to Love Song
~Skip Beat!
~Sukitte Ii na yo
~Go, Hiromi, go!
~Junnai Tokkou Taichou!
~1/2 Ouji
~Seigi no Mikata
~Eikaiwa School Wars
~Hitsuji no Namida
~Switch Girl!! <------(LOL.)
~Chiro Star Project
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Posted 6/15/09 , edited 6/15/09
Try Tenshi Ja Nai!. Hikaru seems a bit weak at first but she is actually a strong character. She does everything to protect the people around her. I love her a lot.
From chapter 2 the story gets really good.
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Posted 6/15/09
KouKou Debut has a really good herione. Haruna is adorable and her never give up attittude just blows me away!
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Posted 6/16/09
just read Anti-Gravity Boy and i recommend it.
The heroine is not the typical shoujo ones who only cares about getting a bf or whatsoever.
i like shoujo characters who's passionate about something else other than love.
her character is unique and she's also strong in sports
she loves taking pics and making money to buy for her own cellphone.
there are also funny parts in the manga.
its worthwhile reading it..
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25 / F / Indonesia
Posted 6/16/09
Have you already know Chrno Crusade? (The main girl only look for her brother, not many love story)

and Pandora Hearts? (The girl with 'Tsundere' type)
Posted 6/16/09
well if you like Manwa
and for manga
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23 / F / Dubai
Posted 6/16/09

Well sinCe NO-ONE mentioned this :-

its Korean though ^^ ~ hope U like it =D

1- Love SOS

2- Oresama Teacher (Japanese)

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Posted 6/18/09
umm...SKIP BEAT??? she could already kill people with her demonic aura alone,..haha and FLy High........(the heroine in the story is really really good with all types of martial arts and she's cute!...its a bit too shoujo though....)
Posted 7/31/09

scarlet_09112 wrote:

waddup everyone!!! been busy and dead tired lately. I've read MUGEN SPIRAL as suggested by many in here and I absolutely loved the FLUFF!!! made me go doki-doki even though it was short but at least it didnt become a drag like most good manga's out there particulary shoujo ne?

Had my eyes on Afterschool Nightmare...its mysterious, not that shoujo but it gets in your head. The lead role belongs to a guy not entirely a guy coz his lower half is of a girl. INTERESTING ne? check it out!

lolypop23 wrote:

i pretty much have the sAme problem like u since i h8 those weak girls in mangas theyre just kinda pathetic lol anyways u shud check these out ( btw they r not in any kind of order im just typing them as i remember )

1- crimson hero (its about a girl who loves volleyball though it may sound a bit too sporty which is something i dnt like it was worth it! nd the romance is amazing)

2-otokame beads club (shes really aggresive though she wants a girls normal skool im not sure if this is wats it about cuz i 4got )

3- hot blooded woman (now this one is plain heroic she a gangster though i kind of got bored halfway through it so i stopped but u shud give it a shot =) )

4- reaching you ( i adore this manga! its a bout a girl whos soo scary nd unsociable nd ppl dnt even dare to approach her except one guy..nd this one doesnt have any aggressiveness in it but its still a cool romance manga to read )

5-Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi : again im not sure if this shud be considered as aggressive or anything but the heroine in this one is prett interesting since she despises guys!!! at all!!! soo ya it has a nice plot to it

weelll thts all i cn think of for now.Hope it helps !! nd id really like it if u cn helpp me too by any new mangas bout heroines

tnx for the list i think ive read REACHING YOU it was very SWEET ne?

NP^^ yes reaching you is soo sweet nd touching though i was mad at the author cuz he/she stopped updating for a longg timee! but thankfully its finally updated oh im glad i helped oh nd thxx for the recommendation ill check it out soon XD oh! nd I also found a new manga called FLY HIGH the heroine is really strong but we wudnt knw how strong is she yet since its onli 5 chapters so far but its really gd! nd shes the type tht never gives up so u shud check it out! XD
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21 / F / Planet Mato
Posted 8/1/09
Think Skip Beat is good. I'd say kyoko is a good heroine.
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24 / F / Minnesota, USA
Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/2/09
Oh yes Akuma to love song's main girl= Soo cooolllll <3 anndddd PErfect girl evolution/wallflower's sunako xD annddd...kimini todoke or something's sawako or known as sadako and skip beat's kyoko pluuss Tokyo crazy paradise'es main girl too :)0 she knows how to kick butt and those manhwas where the girl kicks ass with high level tae kwon do belts LOLS xDD such as Hot blooded woman, Love SOS, REd lion, etc annnddddddd penguin evolution, koukou degut, saruyama...queen's knight, oresama teacher (hilarious xD)...uhhh and more stuff xD
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F / Minnesota
Posted 8/5/09
Takiko Okuda, from Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden. She knows how to fight, and doesn't just sit around for help like Miaka.
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29 / F / U.A.E
Posted 8/5/09
Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
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