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F / Dark Realms
Posted 1/30/09

princesspinkykat wrote:

a lot of korean manhwa like "Do you want to try?" has strong/interesting female characters such as:
Cash Girl (the girl is NOT in love with the guy, its the other way around for once and she is NOT an idiot)
Cynical Orange
Dear Waltz (the girl is not annoying meaning she isn't boy crazy)
Hot Blooded Woman (physically and mentally strong...reminds me of Ran in Gals! and the main character in Red Lion)
Red Lion
Snow Drop
Cutie Boy
The Kidnapping of Minja Jo's Boyfriend (short but good)
Works by Hwang Mi Ri are pretty good.
Unfortunately, Korean Manhwa usually don't have as fast updates as japanese manga so you should read the completed ones
and I can't remember any others
some other manga with strong female characters are:
Saruyama aka Monkey High (you know those stories where many people think the girl isn't good enough for the guy, well its the other way around but the guy is still cute ^_^)
Junai Tokkou Taichou! (the girl is physically strong and she doesn't go gaga over guys. In addition, the guy isn't the "perfect typical shoujo heros" (although I do like some of the characters like kei from S.A.))
Yanki-kun to Megane-chan (the girl is physically strong and although there isn't that much romance, its funny)
KouKou Debut (the girl is physically strong)
Kare Kano (smart, strong and Not a ditz)
Most of the other ones such as S.A, Skip Beat, Penguin Brothers and H3 schools were already mentioned.

Look Here, most of the ones I read have a strong heroine

haha its been so long since ive been here, i got busy... manwha's do have amazing girl power stories

Cynical orange- her other self picturing a violent scenario is so funny
The Kidnapping of Minja Jo's bf- so good!saved it in my collection. short but great!
Red Lion- nice,but the girl's looks so much like a boy ne?

bobbiely wrote:

love this thread, currently checking out most of the recommendations. Tokyo Crazy Paradise is one of my favourites - the girl takes no trouble from no one, and it's by the same mangaka as Skip Beat. I loved it that much I managed the complete catalogue in about 3 days - my girls were square after lol. Just read Penguin Brothers as recommended by some, it was great - loved how they managed the emotional stuff without going all cliche.

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30 / F / UK
Posted 2/11/09
Currently reading Vampire Game, fantasy shoujo, the heroine is spunky and has quite an attitude - plus she's a royal heir so most of her family are trying to kill her (which she takes quite well considering). She's definitely not an idiot, refreshing change from some of the shoujo I read recently (Shinjo Mayu - her heroines need a good talking to and probably therapy!)
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23 / Middle Village, N...
Posted 2/11/09
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
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30 / F / USA
Posted 2/11/09
The Kidnapping of Minja Jo's bf
Kaichou wa maid
Skip beat
Nagatachou Strawberry
Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden
Hot blooded women
shinshi doumei cross
Bloody kiss
Shinobi Life
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
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28 / F / New Orleans
Posted 2/11/09
I love you all very much for this tread ... i read most of these manga's but i love the new titles to look at too
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25 / F / Far away from you
Posted 2/11/09
Thanks for everyone's suggestions o-o
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26 / F / Ottawa, Ontario,...
Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/11/09

stefnick wrote:

I suggest Red River.
Pretty dated art wise but the storyline is good. And, as you asked, has a strong female lead character.

I second this vote! Red River has a very strong female lead. I decided I would read all the way through when, in chapter 1 or 2, the guy disappears and she concludes that "she'd better take care of it herself".

Strength ftw.

... There are quite a few threads like this going, eh? Go through the forums and check 'em out.
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26 / F / Ottawa, Ontario,...
Posted 2/11/09
Ah, here we go. There was a thread a few days ago that was related to this:

And I posted my recommendations in there. Here they are again:

Red River
This is about a Japanese girl who is pulled back in time to the cradle of civilization, and ends up becoming the goddess of war of the Hittite Empire. It's really good, although definitely R for sex and gore. This is my favourite manga--which is why my pic is of the main character (look, she's got a sword, yo!--Lol).
Saiunkoku Monogatari
This manga is about a woman from a poor, but prestigious noble family who becomes a member of the Imperial Court, as a court official. This is another really excellent shoujo manga.
The One (manhua)
This one's about a model with a huge attitude and a lot of spunk. It's fun. And hilarious. Make sure you're not drinking anything while reading, 'cause it will go flying.
I think everyone here's familiar with the plot of OHSHC.
The Wallflower
As above.
This is about a girl who cross-dresses as a boy in order to become the apprentice of the photographer she most admires. It's got a lot of angst, but she's strong and doesn't handle it by crying to some guy to save her.
Midnight Secretary
This is another R-rated comic, but the female lead is no-nonsense and grounded in reality. She's a lot of fun. It's about a woman who is the secretary of a vampire. This mangaka's other works are also very good.
First Girl
This manga is about a woman who gets caught up in a coup d'etat and a struggle for power in a small South American country. It's loaded with drama and angst, but she, again, doesn't go crying to a man to be saved. This mangaka has a lot of very good works. This one is rated R, too, though, for sex and gore.

There are some others, too, like Crimson Hero, which manage to revive my pride as a strong and rather rough woman, lol.

But just like you have to sift through the shounen mangas that are loaded with gratuitous panty shots and no plot, you have to sift through the shoujo mangas with the idiotic leads. There are good mangas to be found, in pretty much any genre.
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27 / F / somewhere in the...
Posted 2/12/09
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25 / F / hell! >:D
Posted 2/12/09
Dengeki Daisy!!!!!!!
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Posted 2/12/09
Tokage Ouji.
Posted 2/13/09
yes, skip beat is one of the strong shoujo character
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22 / F / East London!!
Posted 2/14/09
kaichou wa maid-sama !! the heroine is stronger than most guys and is student body President!!
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Posted 2/15/09
Wow, third time posting.

Vanilla Ice
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Posted 2/15/09
Kyoko is the bomb XD.
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