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ray the animation
Posted 5/29/08
sounds interesting
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Posted 5/29/08

shureiyuuki wrote:

this anime is interesting(for me) i think it's not popular,... it's a nice anime,..
dr. blackjack is in this anime^^

After a terrible past Rei (Ray) Kasugano has dedicated herself to saving others lives for no money. She works as a doctor and due to special abilities she can see inside a person, making her very good at her job. As she works at the office a friend of hers and co-worker, Shinoyama works at home to create quick ways to save lifes along with her. Ray, Shinoyama and her female co-workers face many obsticles to save these lives but work together to do it.

i really like this anime,.. do you? what's your opinion about this anime?

what a concidence.I was reading the blackjack manga when i clicked on this link.
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