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Put if u had ur own village wat would it be like cause when it comes time 4 me 2 add villages 2 the gruop u will b the Kage of the village all u need 2 do is put a detailed discription of ur village with the requirements

U need all of these things in a small paragraph

1 name of the village (Village hiden in the _______)
2 about how big is it (dont make it 2 huge)
3 about how many people live there
4 wat kind of techniques do they use
5 wat kind of jutsu do they specialize in ( 1 or 2 at best )
6 any weapons they may have
7 do they have a jinchuriki(optional only 1 per village)
8 any clans that may live there (optional) ( if u r going 2 have some ones clan that made there own ask permision first)
9 wat do they summon (optional)
10 symbol(optional)
11 A Kage title (example, Hokage)

u can add more
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my village is called the Village Hidden in the Ice it isn't that big we are a small village our villages is about 8 miles long and 8 miles wide. There are about 748 people living here we specialize in ninjutsu and we are ok with the others. In our village most people can summon any animal but the one we are best known for is the summoning of the ice dragons. we all have a our own special chackra blade given 2 us at birth it is a long katana that has a special hilt that has a space where 3 crystal spheres can go in; these crystals can store our chakara or a fallen enemies into them we us the chakara to us elemental attacks.techniques we use are bomb clones, ice clones(which explode into sharp ice kuni), and we have special rasangan that can change size, we also have a rasangan village doesnt really have 1 clan it has a mix of about every clan. My clan has a jinchuriki its me and i ame the kage.the bijuu is a 12 tailed squirrel and i can control the chakra from it. my village is way more advanced then all of the others we all have a divice we call nintech it can map out areas as u walk through them,It has ninja data gathered from other villages and our spy ninja, it hascan also store data from technique scrolls on how to us the tequnique the down side to this device is that it is constintly drainening a smal part of ur chakara to update itself. In the village everyone has the blood line limit called zadorygan it can se threw most things and can copy other blood line limits and trates.

My Kage's Name is HyouKage

the symbol is
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29 / M / The Village of Hi...
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The name is The Village of Hidden Shadows. Up untill three years ago it had a population of 1,046 people. However, a raid by Shinobi lead by a member of the Sound Village destroyed the shadows and I thought I was the only survivor. Three years later word was sent to the Leaf that there were other survivors of the raid and that they returned and begin to rebuild The Village of Shadows. So I returned and as the only surviving member of Yami, Yami was the clan that was the main defense against invaders and the strongest shinobi in the village, I was asked to be the Kage. It now has 307 people living in it. The Shinobi who once lived here or that are the child of someone who onced lived here specialize in Shadow techniques or darkness techniques. When a Shinobi reaches the age of 12 they have to go into the Cave of Eternal Shadows. They have to make it to the end of the cave alone. If they make it to the end of the cave they have to fight a Shadow creature, known as the Naito, It is a creature that lives forever. If the Naito feels the Shinobi is worthy then he gives that Shinobi a weapon that is one with there soul. There is no jinchuriki in the Village. There are two clans in the villahge. The Yami, which is my clan, and the Kumori. The Yami has only 12 members and are no family, the members are the only ones in the world that can use a technique called Meiuyoku. While the Kumori have 60 members that are family and have a bloodline power called meishuuha. The symbol of the village is It is the symbol of the moon. For our powers are stropngest at night.
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24 / F / everywhere and no...
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the name of my village is Village hiden in the Stars . it isn't big at all it only fits around 200 people and thats how many we have. out of the 200 only 50 of them are ninjas. we specialize in tijutsu and ninjutsu. we also have the worlds deadlyest assassins. the weapons we have are just swords but we know how to use them. we have a jinchuriki the ten-talied dragon. we dont have any clans that live there. we all summon diffrent kinds of animal. our symbol is

our Kage title isnt a Hokage, but we do have a lady the lord died. the lady is the one with the jinchuriki in her and the lady is me
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