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I had a suggestion actually. I think that the terms of agreement should include chainletters as "spam"
I see those stupid chain letters on every god dam video i watch unless im one of the first to comment. Its absolutely aggrivating. Anyways, if its in there, you can ban them and make them look like jack asses if they try to deny it or oppose it with a loop-hole.

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Chainletter is considered spam , I think .

NO Chainletters Please ! :

Faeleia wrote:

6 April:



Please at least THINK before sending it. Who's the 'We' mentioned in the letter? Mods? What mod will encourage spam? Shinji? Why would be do this? Random user? Yes! For what? Spam!

I'm going to start banning accounts who forward this to me. Be warned.

Hi everyone! It's a Bee-u-di-ful day today! You will NOT die, you will NOT perish, you will be blessed and joyful, therefore you have NO need for chainletters!

Things that tell you to send to the next 1000 people or you won't have peace is just robbing your time, and happiness already. Surely before your 1000th letter, you will feel pissed, hot, agitated and sick of it. Then you return to your inbox to find another 996 more of the same letters ctrl+v-ed back to you. You will spend the next 5 hours sending or deleting, and guess what? Nothing happens, except for another 5 hours spent.

CR does not endorse chainletters. Shinji's chain is not real. Why become starry-eyed sending in order to get a star? Why make us go starry eyed for no stars?

Yes, we hug you back too. But if you hug too many people, body odour is bound to spread. eeeWW. Don't you need a bath?

Do mark these chains and sex starved posts as 'spam'. Thanks!

For people who hates sunshine and prefer bullet points:

- Chains spam the place
- which means you have to dig to find material
- like what people think of this series, is it worth watching
- yes we know sex is rampant
- but CR is kiddy. WE ARE KIDDY.
- PG 13.
- It means we respect kids too.
- but kids can type in good language.
- and we like to watch video, but spam slows it down
- takes bandwidth, makes it expensive to run, and Shinji spends more time clearing junk than improving CR.
- Yes.
- You can help by doing nothing.

Join the anti-chain group today!

o.o There`s a whole thread about it + it`s sticked at the top of the forum page ,
unless you have favourite threads , you should see this thread first .
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Click the X button on the comment, and a mod will get to it.
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Your question was answered. Please don't post in this section next time, just PM a mod.

Thanks. :]
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