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Naruto imformation>Death list
Below is a list of people who've died and a reasoning of their death.

3rd Hokage (Sarutobi)

· Killed by: Himself
· Reasoning: Sarutobi used a forbidden jutsu in an effort to kill Orochimaru. When the jutsu was completed his body was sacrificed to the God of Death.

4th Hokage (Minato)

· Killed by: Himself
· Reasoning: Minato used a forbidden jutsu to seal the powers of the Kyuubi into Naruto. When this jutsu was finished his body was sacrificed to the God of Death.


· Killed by: Falling building
· Reasoning: After being twisted and mutilated by Orochimaru's experiments, he was left to defend one of Orochimaru's hide outs. There he battled Naruto, Sakura, Jiraiya and Sasame and during the fight he regained his right mind and allowed himself to be crushed to death when the building collapsed during the fight.


· Killed by: Hidan
· Reasoning: Asuma was caught in Hidan's jutsu, a technique which, through the victims blood, forms a physical connection between the two ninja. While this technique was active, Hidan was able to stab and burn himself and the damage was transferred to Asuma.


· Killed by: Self
· Reasoning: Chiyo uses a special Jutsu to revive Gaara after he his killed by the Akatsuki group. However, she had to give up her own life in exchange.


· Killed by: Himself
· Reasoning: To try to kill Sasuke, Deidara fills a mouth located on his chest full of clay and creates an explosion 100 times the size of a town, killing himself. In order to save himself, Sasuke summoned Manda and used a time-space jutsu to save himself. The explosion only killed Manda.


· Killed by: Gaara
· Reasoning: He attempted to kill Gaara during the Chuunin exam. He failed and as a result was killed by Gaara.

Gaara of the Desert

· Killed by: Akatsuki (Note: Gaara was later brought back to life by Chiyo)
· Reasoning: Gaara was killed as the result of an Akatsuki Jutsu to extract the spirit of Shukaku from Gaara's body.

Gaara's Mother

· Killed by: Birthgiving
· Reasoning: When giving birth to Gaara, the spirit within Gaara was too strong and it killed her.


· Killed by: Zabuza
· Reasoning: Gatou betrayed Zabuza. Despite the fact that Zabuza was badly punctured from spears and other weapons, he was still able to kill Gatou with a knife he held by his jaws.

Gatou's Men

· Killed by: Zabuza
· Reasoning: As Zabuza made his way towards Gatou, an army of men was in front of him. Zabuza charged forward and killed all of them.

Gekkou Hayate

· Killed by: Baki
· Reasoning: Gekkou found out about the secret plans plotted against Konoha while Kabuto and Baki were discussing it. Baki killed Gekkou after he failed his jutsu.


· Killed by: Kakashi
· Reasoning: Kakashi set up his Chidori in an attempt to kill Zabuza. Haku jumped in the way and was killed.


· Killed By: Team Kakashi and Team Gai
· Reason: Itachi and Kisame used these two henchman to act through using their astral projection and when the two teams killed them found out they were just fakes.


· Killed By: Shikamaru
· Reason: Shikamaru cut his head off and buried him alive.

Hyuuga Hizashi

· Killed by: Sacrifice
· Reasoning: Hizashi chose to sacrifice himself in the place of his brother.

Iruka's Parents

· Killed by: Kyuubi
· Reasoning: Kyuubi attacked the village and Iruka's parents were killed during the havoc.

Itachi Uchiha

. Killed by:Sasuke
. Reasoning: Sasuke wanted revenge on Itachi,for killing the whole Uchiha clan except for Sasuke


.Killed by:Pain
.Reasoning:Jiriya was on a mission and saw Pain,the leader of the Akatsuki but lost to him


· Killed by: Chouji
· Reasoning: Jiroubu was out to stop Chouji from getting to Sasuke. Chouji ate his pills and tripled his strength to kill Jiroubu.

Kaguya Kimimaro

· Killed by: Gaara/Disease
· Reasoning: Even though his body was under attack from a fatal disease, Kimimaro went to ensure Sasuke's safe delivery to Orochimaru. During Kimimaro's fight with Rock Lee, Gaara came and fought Kimimaro until he could no longer resist the disease and died.


· Killed by: Gotah
· Reasoning: Kaiza was killed as an example of what Gotah would do.


- Killed by: Gatou's Henchmen
- Reasoning: Gatou betrays Zabuza and used his henchmen in an attempt to kill Zabuza. The henchmen used spears amongst other weapons, and stabbed Zabuza multiple times in the back. Zabuza manages to still stand, and kills Gatou. He fell down. After the henchmen were scared off with the local villagers and clones of Naruto and Kakashi, Zabuza requests to see Haku one last time. As he lay beside Haku, he died to to blood loss from his injuries.


· Killed by: Naruto/Kakashi
· Reasoning: Naruto used the Fuuton Rasen Shuriken to injure him, and he was finished off by Kakashi.

Kazekage (Gaara's Father)

· Killed by: Orochimaru
· Reasoning: Orochimaru assassinated Gaara's father so he could attend the Chunnin Exam disguised as the Kazekage.

Kurosuki Raiga

· Killed by: Self
· Reasoning: After being defeated by Naruto's Rasengan and seeing his partner Ranmaru living happy without him, he gave himself a "funeral" in a massive blast of his own lightning.


· Killed by: Neji
· Reasoning: Kidomaru was trying to hinder Neji from getting to Sasuke. Neji hit Kidomaru with his tenketsu right in the face and killed him.


· Killed by: Orochimaru
· Reasoning: Kin was used by Orochimaru as a sacrifice in order to perform a justu.


· Killed by: Kakko
· Reasoning: Obito sacrificed himself to save Kakashi and was crushed by a giant rock. Before he died, he offered Kakashi his Sharingan.


· Killed by: Sasuke
· Reasoning: Sasuke killed Orochimaru after his soul was taken over.

Rokushou Aoi

· Killed by: Naruto
· Reasoning: He was hired by the Wagarashi Clan to help aid their runner in the Todoroki Shrine Race. During the race, Aoi encountered Idate along with Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto. In the ensuing battle Aoi was sent off the cliff and fell to his death into the water after being hit by Naruto's Rasengan.

Sakon & Ukon

· Killed by: Kankuro
· Reasoning: They were trying to stop Kiba from retrieving Sasuke. Kankuro came to help Kiba and killed both of them using his puppets Karasu and Kuroari.

Sasori of the Red Sand

· Killed by: Chiyo-baa-sama
· Reasoning: Sasori tried to stop Chiyo and Sakura as they attempted to rescue the kidnapped Gaara and ended up being stabbed to death by two of Chiyo's puppets.


· Killed by: Temari
· Reasoning: She was trying to stop Shikamaru from retrieving Sasuke. Temari came to Shikamaru's aid and killed Tayuya with her summon Kamatari and her Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Cutting Whirlwind Jutsu).

Uchiha Clan Members

· Killed by: Itachi
· Reasoning: Itachi wanted to test out his strength and he killed all the members except Sasuke.


· Killed by: Gaara
· Reasoning: Yashamaru was Gaara's caretaker. He tried to murder Gaara and hidden exploding tags on him killed him when Gaara retaliated..


· Killed by: Itachi
· Reasoning: Yuura was killed after being used in Itachi's clone jutsu.


· Killed by: Orochimaru
· Reasoning: Zaku was used by Orochimaru as a sacrifice in order to perform a justu.

Naruto Information > Age List

Below is a list of the ages of most of the Naruto characters from the start of the series. If you want to know the approximate age of the characters when Naruto: Shippuuden begins, add on 3 more years to each character's age.

· Abumi Zaku: 14 years
· Akadou Yoroi: 23 years
· Akamaru: 3 years
· Akimichi Chouji: 12 years
· Ashinami Raidou: 31 years
· Ayame: 17 years
· Baki: 30 years
· Baiu: 19 years
· Demon Brothers: 25 years
· Ebisu: 28 years
· Gaara: 12 years
· Gekkou Hayate: 23 years
· Gatou: 48 years
· Hagane Kotetsu: 24 years
· Haku: 15 years
· Hamase: 24 years
· Haruno Sakura: 12 years
· Hatake Kakashi: 26 years
· Hyuuga Hanabi: 7 years
· Hyuuga Hiashi: 41 years
· Hyuuga Hinata: 12 years
· Hyuuga Hizashi: 41 years
· Hyuuga Neji 13 years
· Inari: 8 years
· Inuzuka Kiba: 12 years
· Jiraiya: 50 years
· Kaiza: 30 years
· Kagari: 17 years
· Kamizuki Izumo: 24 years
· Kankuro: 14 years
· Kaori: 28 years
· Kazekage: 40 years
· Kinuta Dosu: 14 years
· Konohamaru: 8 years
· Maito Gai: 26 years
· Midori: 20 years
· Mitarashi Anko: 24 years
· Mitokado Homura: 68 years
· Moegi: 8 years
· Momochi Zabuza: 26 years
· Morino Ibiki: 27 years
· Mozuku: 19 years
· Mubi: 17 years
· Mizuki: 25 years
· Nara Shikamaru: 12 years
· Nawaki: 12 years
· Oboro: 17 years
· Orochimaru: 50 years
· Rock Lee: 13 years
· Sarutobi (Sandaime): 68 years
· Sarutobi Asuma: 27 years
· Madam Shijimi: 41 years
· Shiranui Gemma: 29 years
· Sigure: 19 years
· Sinobi Gashir: 42 years
· Suzume: 31 years
· Tatami Iwashi: 23 years
· Tazuna: 59 years
· Temari: 15 years
· Tenten: 13 years
· Teuchi: 43 years
· Tobitake Tonbo: 27 years
· Tsuba: 20 years
· Tsuchi Kin: 14 years
· Tsunade: 50 years
· Tsunami: 29 years
· Tsurugu Misumi: 23 years
· Uchiha Itachi: 17 years
· Uchiha Sasuke: 12 years
· Udon: 8 years
· Umino Iruka: 25 years
· Utatane Koharu: 68 years
· Uzumaki Naruto: 12 years
· Waraji: 33 years
· Yakushi Kabuto: 19 years
· Yamanaka Ino: 12 years
· Yamashiro Aoba: 30 years
· Yuuhi Kurenai: 27 years
· Zouri: 28 years

Genjutsu - Genjutsu techniques are mostly illusionary techniques. These techniques cause the opponent to hallucinate and make them see things that are not really there. Genjutsu type techniques are great to use when you are trying to escape or confuse the opposition. While your opponent is confused, you can attack without them knowing where you are or you can escape.

Ninjutsu - Ninjutsu is the art of making hand seals and kneading chakra to perform a jutsu (technique). When you make the appropriate hand seal, your desired technique comes forth! Performing Ninjutsu techniques require full concentration and if interrupted, will not work. It only takes a few seconds to successfully execute a Ninjutsu technique, however some can take much longer. Ninjutsu is probably the most used attack type out of the three main categories.

Taijutsu - Taijutsu is the hand to hand combat part of a ninjas' training. It deals with no handseals and chakra is focused throughout the entire body. Taijutsu attacks deal from a variety of slow to fast movements. They vary depending on the amount of chakra used. As known there are only two hand to hand specialists in the series: Gai and Rock Lee.

Indepth Categories Doujutsu - Doujutsu techniques are performed by with the eye. Doujutsu techniques are powerful because they can read Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu techniques and defeat them without any physical movement whatsoever. Because of the difficulty and power of these techniques, people who perform Doujutsu techniques are usually geniuses. The Sharingan is considered a Doujutsu technique.

Hijutsu - Hijutsu techniques are special techniques that can only be performed by a specific ninja, or only by ninjas from a specific clan or village. These techniques usually have to do with the heritage or physical appearance of the ninja. A lot of times, these techniques are a ninja's most powerful attack and favorite to perform. There are many different Hijutsu techniques in the series. Bloodline limits are considered Hijutsu techniques.

Kinjutsu - Kinjutsu techniques are techniques that are illegal and outlawed by the Kages. Kinjutsu techniques are extremely strong and can cause huge damage when used. If it is mastered by the wrong person; a whole village could be in severe jeopardy


Academy Student Becoming an Academy Student is the first step to becoming a professional ninja. Students are taught the basics to become a ninja. Rather than performing missions, all students are trained to master basic techniques and skills. All students enrolled are of very young age. In order to become a Genin, students must pass a comprehensive graduating test. Passing this test gives you all the chance in the world to become a great ninja. It is not very easy to make the cut and many students don't pass. Passing this rank is probably he most crucial stage towards becoming an elite ninja.

Genin The Genin is considered the lowest rank for a ninja. Most Genins don't perform missions, but train like academy students. Genin ranked ninjas usually perform harsh labor and dirty work. When put into missions, they usually perform D ranked missions. Every Genin is assigned a Jounin instructor. The Jounin instructor helps train the Genin to become a wise and skilled ninja.

Chuunin Chuunin rank is a medium ninja rank but hard to attain; the exams happen twice a year. A Genin team must be nominated by their Sensei and endure grueling written, physical, and mental exams to prove that he or she has what it takes to be a Chuunin. Ninjas have been killed during the Chuunin finals. When Naruto's team takes the Chuunin exam, only one person attains this title (Shikamaru). A Chuunin is considered a leader and is responsible for those under his command. Their mission parameters broaden and include higher-level missions ranging from simple escort or intelligence gathering to open combat and even assassination.

Jounin The title Jounin is split into two separate categories. Before you are awarded the full title Jounin, you are, by appointment, a Special Jounin. This is the next rank up from Chuunin and covers everything a Chuunin does, but also includes high-risk missions between other countries, such as: escorting royalty. These missions are much more delicate and dangerous than previous missions. Complete Jounins are assigned to the most dangerous and highest paying missions. These missions can be anything from high-level inter-nation assassinations to delivering and collecting important documents and treaties. Only a ninja with a wealth of combat experience can become a full Jounin. At some point in a Jounin's career he or she will be assigned a team of Genin to teach and guide their development.This responsibility is huge as they will oversee their students training and be responsible for their lives until they are Chuunin.

ANBU The ANBU is not exactly a rank of a ninja. The ANBU operates as top-level assassins, interrogators, and also hunters of ninja who, for whatever reason, have defected from their village. They are a secretive organization that exists in every village and are under the direct orders of their Kage. Life expectancy for ANBU members is very short as they have the most dangerous assignments; they wear animal masks (representing the animals of the Zodiac) to protect their identity and to further induce fear into their targets. ANBU members also have a tattoo on their shoulder.

Sannin Sannins are ninjas with with immense skill. Many times they are as powerful, if not more powerful, than Kages. They usually live away from the village to keep a low profile but are forced to keep in touch with the village every now and then for safety measures. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade are all considered to be Sannins.

Kage The Kage is the hidden village's respective leader. Kages are ninjas that are among the strongest, if not the strongest ninja in their village. In order to become a Kage, they have to climb the proverbial "ladder" from the Genin rank. Kages are responsible for the protection and well being of their people and all the important the decision making falls on their shoulders. There is a council of elders that they often consult for high-level decisions, but ultimately, the Kage has the final say. A new Kage is hand picked and groomed by the current Kage to take their place.

Naruto Information > Summonings

The summoning technique in Naruto requires the user to sign an ancient scroll in their own blood and end the signature with a handprint, also in their blood. Multiple characters perform the Kuchiyose no Jutsu (summoning technique) in the series, each with their own distinct animal of choice.

Interestingly enough there is an ancient Japanese myth that states: "The Snake defeats the Frog, the Slug defeats the Snake, the Frog defeats the Slug." The 3 Senins and their new proteges (Jiraiya is teaching Naruto, Orochimaru is teaching Sasuke, and Tsunade is teaching Sakura) can each summon these creatures respectively.

Bees Standard Bee - The Standard bee used by the Kamizurui clan. Its stinger is loaded with an exceptionally lethal poison, and it can be made to carry exploding tags to inflict massive damage on an enemy. Another common tactic is to have them attack in large numbers, along with fake bees made from honey, to confuse enemies.

Giant Larva - Similar in appearance to regular bee larva, only much bigger. Often used in traps by the Kamizurui Clan, these larvae can drain an enemy's chakra from a distance, making them hard to attack.

Suzumebachi's Giant Bee - This is a special bee summoned by Suzumebachi of the Kamizurui Clan. Loaded with a jaw of razor sharp teeth, a deadly stinger, and wings capable of causing gale force winds, this insect is a difficult opponent to defeat. It can also spit massive amounts of honey from its mouth to trap and ensnare its victims before moving in for the kill.

Birds Gennou's Giant Bird - This giant bird is summoning of the Hidden Heat Haze Village ninja Gennou. Since the Heat Haze Village was destroyed and Gennou is its last surviving ninja, it is unknown whether or not anyone else has the ability to summon a bird.

Dogs Dog Pack - This is a pack of about 7 or 8 dogs summoned by Kakashi during the Zabuza saga and again during the Sasuke chase. These dogs help Kakashi fight by holding down the enemy to give him a clear shot. They also help Kakashi track down people. Each dog wields a cape with Japanese letters that forms a facial expression.

Pakkun - Pakkun is the smallest of the dog pack and the only one capable of talking. Kakashi summoned him separately from the dog pack to help Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru track down Sasuke and Gaara during the invasion of Konoha. He was the first of the dogs to track the scent of Sasuke during this chase.

Fish Piranha Schools - A swarm of tiny, vicious piranha summoned by the mysterious ninja Ruiga, they appear when he first uses his Suiton Seibun Houfutsu (Water Cannon Replica) technique to capture his opponent in a large mass of water drawn from the ground. The piranha go into the water mass to rip his victim apart. Ruiga can also move the water masses with the piranha inside to allow the deadly fish to chase down other prey.

Ruiga's Shark - This is a large, man-eating Great White Shark summoned by the mysterious ninja Ruiga. He first uses his Suiton Seibun Seibun Houfutsu (Water Cannon Replica) technique to create a large mass of water drawn from the ground, then he summons the shark inside the water mass so he can move the water mass and allow the hark to chase down its prey. While sharks are usually salt-water creatures, this one can apparently breath freshwater as well because it is able to survive in the water mass created from freshwater drawn from the ground.

Frogs Common Frog - This is more or less Jiraiya's helper frog or possibly his look out frog. It was seen facing the open area while Jiraiya was peeping at the women in the hot springs. This frog has no specified name.

Demolisher Frog - This gigantic frog was summoned by Jiraiya to help defend Konoha during the Sound/Sand invasion and also made an appearance at the hospital when Jiraiya came to tell Naruto about the intensive 2 and a half year training he was taking him on.

Gamabunta - Gamabunta is the king of all frogs. He was summoned by the 4th Hokage to battle the Kyuubi, by Jiraiya when the 3 Senins battled, and by Naruto during his teaching of the Kuchiyose no Jutsu and battle against Shukaku.

Gamakichi - Extremely small compared to the other frog summons, Gamakichi is the son of Gamabunta and was summoned by Naruto by accident when he attempted to summon Gamabunta during the Shukaku fight.

Gamatatsu - Gamatatsu is another extremely small frog. He is the son of Gamabunta and brother of Gamakichi. He was accidentally summoned by Naruto during the fight with Shukaku and was also summoned in the first episode of the series. It is safe to say, he is the dumbest of the frogs summoned.

Humans Resurrections - Orochimaru uses a forbidden summoning technique to resurrect humans. This summoning requires a human sacrifice for each person resurrected. A spell casted kunai is placed into the summoned body. This move causes resurrected humans have no mind of their own; they are completely under the control of the one who summons them. The only thing left in their minds is the jutsus and other skills they learned while they were alive. Orochimaru summoned both the 1st and 2nd Hokage in his fight with the Sarutobi (the 3rd) and attempted to summon the 4th but Sarutobi stopped his coffin from opening.

Lizards Shiromari - Shiromari is a very loyal chameleon summon with the ability to mold his body into any shape at will. Naruto encounters him in the shape of a castle which he had been in for fifty years, acting under the orders of his deceased summoner. He disappeared after Naruto destroyed his contract scroll.

Monkeys Enma - Enma is the monkey king and is able to transform into a large length-altering staff. He was summoned by Sarutobi during the invasion of Konoha in the epic battle between him and his former student, Orochimaru.

Slugs Katsuya - Assumed to be the queen of all slugs, Katsuya was summoned by Tsunade during the Senin battle. Katsuya has the ability to split off bits of her own body to form miniature versions of herself. If she is hit hard enough, she can turn her entire body into hundreds of miniature versions of herself instantly.

Snakes 3-Headed Snake - This snake, like most of the snakes seen in the series is gigantic, but is has 3 heads. It was summoned during the attack on Konoha by the multiple sound/sand shinobis.

Manda - Manda is the leader of all snakes and was summoned by Orochimaru and Kabuto during the senin battle. This seems to be the only snake-summon able to talk as well as the only one with a horned head. Manda is extremely bossy and demands that Orochimaru give him living sacrifices each time he is summoned.

Common Snake - This is Orochimaru's common, unnamed snake summon. The first common snake was summoned by Orochimaru during the Chuunin Exams to distract Naruto so there would be no trouble while Orochimaru gave Sasuke the curse seal.

Snake Hand - This snake summon was used by Anko during the Chuunin exams. A trio of small snakes extends from the users arm and attacks.

Spiders Kidoumaru's Spider - This large spider was summoned by the 6-armed Kidoumaru of the Sound Five. It has the ability to summon its own army of little spiders.

Spirits Tayuya's Oni- This large blind spirit summoned by Tuyuya. She plays his flute to tell this blind spirit what to do. This spirit is composed mostly of Tayuya's chakra.

Turtles Nin Kame - A Normal-sized turtle summoned by Gai, Nin Kame is able to talk and seems to direct Lee when Gai is not around.

Umibouzu Umibouzu - Amachi summoned this Umibouzu (sea monster) to help him terrorize the Sea Country. Something more than sea water and something less than a sentient being, the Umibouzu is a moving water technique that obeys Amachi's command.

Weasels Kirikiri Mai - Kirikiri Mai is a weasel-like creature that is summoned by Temari during the fight with Tayuya. It can fly and carries a sickle that cuts everything in its path. This creature was actually taken straight from Japanese mythology.

Naruto Information > Clans

Below is information about the different clans in the series.

Aburame Clan Location: Konoha Village
Members: Aburame Shino, Abruame Shibi
Info: The Abruame Clan is most widely known for it's association with bugs. Once a member is born the bugs are allowed to feed on it's chakra. In exchange, the bugs will help them fight.

Akimichi Clan Location: Konoha Village
Members: Akimichi Choji, Akimichi Chouza
Info: This clan includes two of the most obese ninjas in the series. The Akimichi clan specializes in certain techniques and use pills that manipulate their body weight to gain an advantage in battle.

Fuuma Clan Location: Rice Field Country
Members: Fuuma Arashi, Fuuma Hanzaki, Fuuma Sasame, Fuuma Jigumo, Fuuma Kagerou, Fuuma Kamakiri
Info: This clan had previously been in battle and was decimated. In hopes for new found glory, many of the members joined Orochimaru's army.

Haku's Clan Location: Mist Village
Members: Haku, Haku's Mother
Info: This clan was formed in the Mist Village. Not much is known about this clan. Most of the special attacks passed down from this clan has to do with the manipulation of water.

Hyuuga Clan Location: Konoha Village
Members: Hyuuga Hanabi, Hyuuga Hiashi, Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Hizashi, Hyuuga Neji
Info: The Hyuuga clan is most notably known for it's bloodline: The Byakugan. Hyuuga is one of the longest running clans in the series. This clan is run different than most clans. There are two families of the clan, the head and the branch family. There is much bitterness between them. The branch family is like slaves to the head family. They exist only to protect and sacrifice themselves for the head family. When a branch family member reaches four, they have a seal carved into there forehead which allows the head family to kill them with ease, stopping any revolt.

Inuzuka Clan Location: Konoha Village
Members: Inuzuka Kiba, Inuzuka Tsume, Inuzuka Hana
Info: This clan is known to have connections with canines which is why the members of this clan fight like dogs. Most of the attacks and abilities of these clan members are like duplicates of real dogs.

Kaguya Clan Location: Mist Village
Members: Kaguya Kimimaro
Info: This clan is known for the ability to re-structure their bones. They can make their bones in their body turn into steel-strong weapons. Most of the members in the clan have been wiped out from battle.

Kamizuri Clan Location: Rock Village
Members: Kamizuru Jibachi, Kamizuru Kurobachi, Kamizuru Suzumebachi
Info: When comparing abilities, the Kamizuri clan has many similarities with the Aburame Clan. Instead of controlling bugs, the Kamizuri controll bees. The Kamizuri clan possessed great status until they attempted to attack Konoha and were stopped by the Aburame.

Nara Clan Location: Konoha Village
Members: Nara Shikamaru, Nara Shikaku, Nara Yoshino
Info: Members of this clan have the special ability with shadows. They can change their shadows to it follows others and controls their bodies so they emulate the exact movements of the shadow.

Sakon and Ukon Location: Sound Village
Members: Sakon, Ukon
Info: Sakon and Ukon are part of the Sound Four. The two can alter molecules in the their bodies. Ukon is actually hidden inside Sakon and can come out whenever he wishes. Ukon also has the ability to insert himself into the body of another to kill a person from within.

Uchiha Clan Location: Konoha Village
Members: Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Sasuke's Father, Uchiha Sasuke's Mother
Info: The Uchiha Clan is one of the most feared clans of all. They have been completely decimated from the attack of fellow member Uchiha Itachi. Only he and his younger brother Sasuke remain. Members of the Uchiha Clan have the special bloodline: Sharingan. This bloodline of the eyes allows those who carry it to copy attacks.

Naruto Information > Akatsuki
The Akatsuki is a group of S-Ranked criminals who have betrayed their villages. They are banded together with the sole purpose of hoping to achieve world domination. The Akatsuki is composed of 10 members. There is no known criteria to be a member, but all members are extremely powerful and some of the most dangerous people in the series. Akatsuki members travel in pairs, with one member complementing the abilities of the other.

Akatsuki members all wear a dark black cloak with red clouds on it. The cloak also has a collar that fully covers the neck of the individual. Members also have nail polish on their fingernails and toenails. They also wear forehead protectors from their respective villages with the symbols crossed out. Each Akatsuki member also wears an unique ring. Each ring bears some sort of special significance that is unknown at this point.

Below are some information about the known members of the Akatsuki. Do not read below if you do not want to be spoiled!

Deidara - A Missing-nin from the Hidden Rock Village, Deidara is a part of the Akatsuki duo that comes to the Hidden Sand Village to kidnap Gaara. A very skilled and stylish warrior with special mouths in the palm of each hand, Deidara is able to manipulate clay into either a flight-capable clay bird that can support him or a huge bomb that is capable to leveling an entire village in seconds. He can do this all without a single exploding tag. Deidara is teamed with Sasori, whom Deidara refers to as Sasori no Danna (Master Sasori). This is probably because Deidara has a lot of respect for his fellow artist and because Sasori is, as Deidara says, a lot stronger than he is. But even though Deidara calls Sasori "Sasori no Danna", they still argue between each other quite often. Though most of the argument is about what is art. Deidara thinks art is something that dissappears quickly. Sasori thinks art is something that lasts a long time. During his fight with Gaara, his left arm gets mangled by Gaara's Sabaku Kyu (The Coffin of Crushing Sand), but he still manages to defeat him. Deidara loses his right arm to Hatake Kakashi when Kakashi used his newly obtained Mangekyou Sharingan against him. As a last resort, Deidara blew up one of his Buunshin in an attempt to kill everyone else around him. However, his Buunshin was teleported away from the scene by Kakashi.

Hoshigaki Kisame - Along with Uchiha Itachi, he attempted to kidnap Uzumaki Naruto for Akatsuki purposes several years ago. Kisame and his sword, the Samehada "Shark Skin" both have features that resemble a shark. Kasami's sword also has the ability to drain others' chakra. Kisame comes from Hidden Mist Village. He is also known as the mysterious one of the Hidden Mist (Kirigakure no Kaijin). He is also part of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nanajin Shu ("Seven Swordsmen of the Mist"), as was Momochi Zabuza, famed for their usage of oversized swords. Kisame's chakra is apparently considered very large, even by Akatsuki standards.

Hidan - Hidan bears a large rope scythe and admits to be the slowest attacker of the group. The village he comes from is unknown. He and his partner Kakuzu were responsible for acquiring the Two-Tailed Jinchuuriki. Hidan practices an evil god cult religion named Jashin. This religion loves chaos and death. Hidan himself is almost compeletly immortal. On one of Kakuzu's side bounty trips, he killed Sarutobi Asuma in battle using some unknown jutsu which allows damage to himself to be felt by his opponent. He was eventually blown up and buried deep underground by Shikamaru.

Kakuzu - Kakuzu is a missing-nin from the Hidden Waterfall Village. He was a bounty hunter who often got sidetracked. His body was stitched together by strange tendrils which he used to rip out the hearts of his opponents and then insert into his own body. This granted him their elemental affinities in the form of masked tendril entities. Along with his own Water affinity, he had access to Wind, Fire, Earth and Lightning attacks. Kakashi destroyed the Earth heart, Hidan accidentally destroyed the Water, and Naruto destroyed Wind and Fire hearts. Kakuzu then gets killed by Kakashi after losing his hearts.

Konan - Konan is the lone female member of the group. She works alongside Pain. This duo secretly reports to Tobi and seem to be the only ones who know about his true nature. Konan possesses the ability to disperse her body into paper, which can then fold itself into butterflies for tracking purposes. When she was younger, she, Pain, and another orphan were trained by Jiraiya for a short period. Jiraiya helped them become stronger and able to fend for themselves in the war torn Rain Country.

Zetsu - At the moment, not much is known about Zetsu. His head appears to be enveloped in a large venus flytrap. The right side of his face, and likely his body, is black in color while his left side is white. His pupil-less eyes and superior vision suggest that he may harbor something similar to Byakugan. His first appears after the Naruto and Sasuke fight, which he observed secretly. He is responsible for warning the Akatsuki of the positions of the approaching Team Kakashi and Team Gai during their extraction of Gaara's bijuu. He has the ability to merge with trees and other plants. Zetsu is a Missing-nin from the Hidden Grass Village. He seems to have a split personality, as the white half of his face speaks only in Katakana, which could indicate a robotic voice, while the black side uses both Kanji and Kana. He is also a cannibal, eating Kisame's body substitute, which fits his "venus flytrap" body.

Orochimaru - After failing to become the Fourth Hokage, Orochimaru began to study forbidden jutsus. After leaving the village he joined the Akatsuki and partnered with Sasori during this period of time. Orochimaru coveted Uchiha Itachi's Sharingan. He tried to take Itachi's body but Itachi bound Orochimaru with a Genjutsu and cut off his arm. Orochimaru fled and took his ring with him. He eventually formed the Hidden Sound Village and trained Uchiha Sasuke. When he tried to take over Sasuke's body, but Sasuke traps him with his Genjutsu and suppresses him. Orochimaru's underling Kabuto inserts some of Orochimaru's flesh into his body, which soon exerted its own will by gradually taking over his body.

Pain - Pain acts as the leader of the group, though he and Konan secretly report to Tobi. He has been adamant that the group can fulfill their desires if they finally possess the bijuus. He also was responsible for summoning the huge statue which holds the spirits of the bijuus withdrawn from the Jinchuurikis. Pain is very calm and tries to bring order to the group. It has been said that he's never lost a battle. He also possess the Rinnegan, an extremely rare and powerful Doujutsu that only he is known to possess. Not much is known about Pain but when he was younger other than he was called Nagato. He was trained by Jiraiya for a short time with two of his friends, one of them being Konan.

Sasori - Sasori traveled with Deidara from the Hidden Rock Village. He was a legendary puppet master from the Hidden Sand who left his village approximately 20 years before the start of the series. Sasori converted portions of his body into puppet parts, retaining a flesh and blood portion of his original self in a chest container. He uses human puppets which only he knows how to do. He died in battle with Chiyo and Sakura.

Tobi - Tobi was initially seen as an associate of Zetsu. He appeared clumsy but was very polite in his speech. He eventually succeeded in becoming a member and took over Sasori's position in the group. He was partnered with Deidara. After Deidara's death, Tobi gave orders to Pain about the actions of the group. He is revealed to possess the Sharingan and claims to be Uchiha Madara.

Uchiha Itachi - Noted within the Wanted Book, Uchiha Itachi is an S-Level criminal and a Konoha Missing-nin. At age 7m he graduated as the top of his class; By 8, he mastered the Sharingan; He became a Chuunin at age 10; And at 13, he became an ANBU Captain. Uchiha Itachi became so powerful that he was feared by Orochimaru at age 18. He left Konoha after becoming power-hungry and destroying his village. He killed everyone but his brother Sasuke. We later find out Itachi might have wanted Sasuke alive to be killed by him, seeing as they could both use the Mangekyou

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