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dbsk the best
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Posted 5/7/08

FilzahHazirah wrote:

acejin wrote:

DBSK! hwaiting! ^_^

reasons why DBSK is my favorite:

1. Even when they were new in the business, they didn't care what people would think about them, they just said what they wanted to say, they remained true to their selves, to who they were, not caring about how these would affect their careers.

2. Great with acapella... top that! they can really sing...

3. Great with dance.

4. Great in Dramas. they may not be as good as the top/best actors and actresses, but they do know how to attract the audiences, and that's what's important. (for me, that is).

5. Yoochun is part of DBSK - hahaha, so bias of me, lol. ^_^

... they really deserve all the support that they are getting now, and everything that God has blessed them with. It wasn't all a bed of roses. Some of them started out with really nothing and they worked hard, really hard to reach the place where they are now. And that's what made them one of the top stars right now. Their hard work and not some marketing strategy by their manager or any other thing. so, DBSK, hwaiting!! ^_^

well said... ^^

thanks! ^_^
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Posted 5/7/08

haotehmao wrote:

eito_suki wrote:

portiaisabel wrote:

eito_suki wrote:

dbsk is ok... but to say that they are the best isn't appropriate from my opinion, i can't help but 'mirror'ring them to n'sync and bsb.... plus they are nothing extra than any other old or new boybands, they are just another boyband with good music and dances that the music industry could offer, well, except that their marketing/advertising manager are extra-genius, that's it...
enjoy listening to them, nway~! ...

Ouch they are nothin than any other old or new boyband...
I think You have no right to say that....u dont even know them...i believe u haven't listen to their music to say that..
For ur opinion They compose there own music....all of them can play the piano and unlike other boybands whose all looks They have great Voices...
Even if u market a boyband greatly if they dont have the Talents they wont succeed
DBSK is all about their music and they don't have side jobs like acting in dramas....etc.

Bleh...Booooo to you

i know about all the above, darlin'... you don't know how depth the knowledge that i have about dbsk and kpop as a whole, so please don't overreacts... there are a lot more boybands that can/ have done those stuff that u mentioned, maybe it's u who needs to open your perspectives wider... oh why dbsk fans are always like this..*sigh*
sorry, if my statements get you wrong, or make anyone dissatisfied, but i don't think that i don't have the right to express my own honest opinion, i won't take back my opinion coz this is what i thought about dbsk, don't worry, dbsk have a lot more lovers out there, my opinion won't do anything to them whatsoever...
i have nothing against dbsk... nway, i just can't help but confirming that their fans are annoying... but them, totally not~!
so dear, get a life, grow up~! PEACE

My thoughts exactly. 99 percent of DBSK fans are immature, shallow and narrow minded. So what if someone dislikes them? It's not necessary to keep chalking out immature insults which not only make you look stupid, but it gives DBSK and other fans a bad image as well. It's a shame really. I have a few friends who are DBSK fans and they have been insulted many times as one of the "crazy fangirls who send death threats if you say Heero is made of plastic" even though they aren't. =\

yea, my bad... i think i wrote my opinion at the wrong place, idk, i don't wanna second and third my opinion, again and again, it would stir something, but i couldn't change the way i see them, actually it's nothing as bad as people might think, i never thought them as gay or anything like the antifans does, the fact that, i do not dislike them... dbsk is one of many kpops that i enjoyed most...
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Posted 7/11/08

mary7 wrote:

Keep DBSK talk in the DBSK thread.

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