Science OR The Bible? Which is the REAL Truth???
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Posted 4/20/08
Science or God? Which is true? I know most of you will say God is true, even me! =D

But, the Bible says that, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,so on and so forth...THEN He created animals,plants and stuff...and den he created Man.

But Science say that Dinosaurs first roam the earth,and that a meteor,volcanic explosion and an earthquake wiped out the dinosaurs...

Maybe both could be right. Maybe God created dinosaurs, but maybe it was never recorded in the bible.

But then again,Who Knows? If Science was correct, and all the disasters actually happened, then how was the human race formed? The Bible makes sense. Coz, God Created Man. And if Science was correct, the disasters would have also wiped out any human on the earth.

Im not saying both is incorrect,or science is right... There are many evidence of dinosaurs by finding dinosaur bones. But those bones may not be dinosaur bones. It could be some other animal from the past,and was extinct a long time ago, like the Dodo Bird.

There are also evidence that what the Bible said was True. If you read about the story of Moses (read Exodus)
when Moses and the Israelites cross the Sea by splitting the waters into two. The Egyptians most probably wore armours, and rode on chariots and these kinda stuff are made of metal. The Egyptians drowned as they tried to cross the Sea. And people found scraps on metal in the SAME Sea! Do you know the story of Noah's Ark?
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Posted 4/27/08
I believe that God is true.
One scientific topic that never dies is the evolution of man. Many people believe that man evolved from apes. I believe otherwise. Darwin's ideas are kinda dangerous.
I feel bad when I read about people who believe in evolution more than in the creation.
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