Rising Force Online
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The game is centered on the conflict between 3 races (descendants of the now extinct human race) in their bid to control precious resources, and their desire to advance their respective agendas through any means necessary. These three races are:

* Accretia - A race of cyborgs who were forced to turn to artificial bodies due to the harsh environment on their home planet. Now they have forsaken flesh in their pursuit of perfection and they scorn every flesh being in the universe. Their metallic bodies are the toughest in the game and their technology is the most superior but they have no access to magic. Reestablished as The Empire, Accretia entered the Novus conflict against both Cora and Bellato.

Social Background:

Accretians are the closest to perfection any race is ever going to achieve. They are cyborgs due to organic brains being merged into mechanical bodies… Not being mere robots acting accordingly to a rigid piece of software, they are to obey a motive, and that motive is the pursuit of perfection.

While individualism is not promoted, and not even tolerated, self-consciousness does remain; the Accretian society is not to be seen as a hive or a collective mind. The way they are created, educated and indoctrinated makes the Accretians solely concerned by the evolution of the society as a whole. However, perfection at a higher level can only be achieved through perfection at an individual level.

Accretians are cloned and, during their first years of life, indoctrinated via a combination of neurochemical procedures and education, until they are estimated efficient enough to become fully fledged citizens of the Empire. Then, they undergo a radical surgical procedure to get rid of their weak and disposable flesh and have their brains integrated into mechanized bodies.

Abilities and potential of every Accretian are estimated as early as the first stages of the creation process; education and training unfold accordingly to these estimations. Every Accretian is assigned a specific task, the one at which he will be the most efficient. They embrace it totally; it is their path to perfection.

Accretian society is organized as a strict hierarchy ladder; the upper along the ladder, the more complex and far-reaching the task assigned to the individual. Despite that hierarchy, there are no social classes, not in the way the other races could understand it, for social segregation comes only from resentment and will for changes, and contentment and will for status quo. Such things do not exist in the Accretian society. At least, they shouldn’t…

* Bellato - Due to the intense gravity on their home planet, the Bellateans are the smallest people. They are a race of inventor helmets that are able to combine creative tools and weapons with the Light form of universal magic. The Bellato enter the war as the least physically capable and yet given their ingenuity they have the potential to become the strongest. Before they became the Bellato Union, however, they were the Bellato Empire, who seized control after the Cora civil war but were beaten by the Accretians. Under such sustained attacks they fell from power, yet they have bided their time until they can become a force to be reckoned with once again. They also use technology to build weapons like MAUs (Massive Armor Unit) which are still used by Bellateans when they go to combat with the Accretia Empire and the Holy Alliance Cora.

Social Background:

Bellateans learned early on that the fastest way to develop technology and profit is for their people to be happy. A happy person is a productive person. This is why they have freedom of expression and individualism. They have long understood that freedom drives minds to think better, rather than oppression. This is why Bellato citizens enjoy many freedoms and liberties.

However, most, if not all of the dominant Bellateans are members of Houses. Houses are congregations of individuals who share the same blood (family ties being taken very seriously by Bellateans) and/or interests (wealth and power being taken much more seriously by Bellateans).

Success breeds success, and while Bellateans promote individual achievement, over the years, the same families harvest most of the wealth and power. Influential Bellateans then lend money, offer services or help to lesser ones, for the conduct of their business or other matters, and strong ties develop between the two sides. Soon enough, it is a vast network of interests that emerges. A House. Several networks can intertwine, of course, but the core of every one of them is a powerful and identifiable family that will do its best to keep the relatives, allies, and clients in line with the House’s interests.

* Cora - They are an ancient race that scorn technology. Highly spiritual and gifted with natural magical abilities, Corites regard themselves as the highest form of creation. Their magical arts are far more superior to that of which the Bellato practice. Their god is Decem, whom they believed had given Corites their powers as well as their mission to subjugate all other forms of life in his name and to rid the galaxy of technology. The Holy Alliance of Cora was thus born to carry out their crusade.

Social Background:

Decem has created the world to turn oblivion into beauty, and the Corites to enforce His will. Knowing they are the chosen race, Corites have organized their society accordingly to their faith in their god. Everything they do in “This Life” is to ascend to a high station or being, gaining them a closer relationship with their god. It is evident that those who do enforce His will are granted more powers, abilities and become stronger in the use of the Darkling Force, the most precious gift Decem has made to His children.

Corite society is based on a caste system of governance. This caste system is by abilities; the Corites are organised into their castes solely based on their relevant skills in life, their devotion and their dedication to Decem’s will. In this way, the castes function much like that of old ‘tribal clans’ where priests were of a higher station than warriors and they in turn were of a higher station than workers. One’s strength in the Darkling Force and capacity to serve Decem and enforce His commands set their caste. The Spiritualist is the highest caste because they have the gifted strength in the Darkling Force.

The entire populous is grouped into one of these castes; once in a caste, the other members become your family, blood relationships are not a priority amongst the castes. Indeed, nothing is to be put before Decem, and marriage is not to be allowed because of the conflicts that could arise between family and god. Because everything Corites do reflects on she/he to their god, their children of course are a direct reflection on them. Seeking out the best possible mate to have children with is a very major decision. Corite children are raised in schools and only staying with their parents during vacations and Holy celebration's. The Corites use the term Sires for parents, not showing either one mother/father as more important than the other.

A mixture of science fiction and classic fantasy, RF Online (or RFO, as many of its players call it) is set in a distant planet in the Novus system where magic exists alongside high technology. Like most MMORPGs it follows the typical fantasy setting complete with swords and sorcery, but it also emphasizes the three-way Race vs. Race vs. Race (RvRvR) concept and modern/futuristic technology such as mecha and nuclear weapons.
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Yes? And.....

No offense i play RF already, and this isn't selling it too well. But it was a good read. Nice work.
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did you copy that from wikipedia??
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and this is a Duplicate.

I could care less.
Anyways, RF didn't really caught my attention.
If I were to choose between RF and Granado Espada, then definitely GE.
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There's already a thread to discuss this, as stated by Nakapagpabagabag.

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