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Post Reply //[email protected]//: iNtrOdUcTioNs!!!
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26 / F / NiRvAnA...
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
Hey, hey everybody!!

Introduce yourselves here!!


1. your username
2. why'd you chose your username [optional]
3. your real name [no need to make use of your full name, a nick name is fine]
4. your real age and location
5. say your hi's and greetings
6. Likes/Dislikes
7. what makes you love anime?

Let's talk it over! Me, first!

1. soulnirvana , that is my username...

2. actually it's supposed to be Soul Nirvana... i chose it because when some friends of mine made a manga group in our school called, SeeD, i am one of the manga artists and Soul Nirvana is my character name.

3. Shiela, its part one of my real name... its shorter and much more likable so i like to be called as it

4. I'm 16 going on 17 on September! I'm from the Philippines!!

5. Hello to all the members of the Anime @ Home! Hope you'll love and not regret joining this group! halleluja! God bLess all Anime Otakus and the Same!!

6. I like anime, books, foods, games, internet and friends! i dislike those people who are selfish and don't care a damn thing about other people's feelings

7. i loved anime since the beginning of time! hahaha =3 i loved anime since i saw and watched Dragon Ball from the first time and so on!!

So let's get the roll on!!
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77 / F / Pearl of the Orient
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
*my username is anesh
*anesh is a nickname given to me by my friends..haha..i couldnt think of a good username...=p
*my real name's's so common but I still like it....
*I'm 16
*Hi everyone!!nice to meet you all...=)
*I like anime,manga,chocolates and sweets,cuties,etc...i hate people with bad attitudes...
*well..anime entertains me a escape from reality!!!
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
1. My username is 112593
2. 112593 means Nov. 25, 1993. It's my birthday!
3. Kathlene, just call me Kath.
4. I'm 14 yrs. old and from Philippines.
5. Nice to meet you all!
6. I like anime, chocolates, horror movies, etc. I hate bugs and veggies.
7. ....I love anime since childhood and it makes me happy!
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26 / F
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
1. observantzani
2. i guess i was being random at the moment
3. You can call me Zani or anything else you want
4. I'm 16. I'm from the Philippines. (hey did anyone notice that we all came from the Philippines)
5. Nice to meet everyone.
6.I likes anime, ice cream, books,etc. I dislikes being stressed and cockroaches, etc.
7. Anime is so interesting. you can almost never get bored. i agree with anesh that you can escape reality.
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
1. animexcool
2. just a moments thought...
3. either Aki or Mayu
4. I'm 10+ living in UK <wee...first person not from phil>
4. nice 2 meet u all
6. I like anime, manga, sweets, and my laptop. I hate liars, nightmares, and!
7. I just like the drawing and it makes you hopeful that just maybe life can be like that...
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
2.i made it by myself..
3.gaby is my nickname..dont wanna tell ya wat is my true name
4.i'm 13..and from philippines
5.Koniichawa minna-san!!..hope we can be gud buddiez!!
6.i like friendly people, kind, nice, chocolates, cupcakez and cakez..i hate boastful people, ghost, household chorez!!
7.Anime entertains makes me feel better wen i'm watchin an anime!!
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
1. boyong00
2. cause my nickname's boyong
3. my real name's Jessie (and yah, i'm a dude ^_^)
4. i'm 17 and from the Philippines
5. Hello all!!! ^_^
6. I like... food ^_^ lots and lots of food ^_^ ... i only hate... cockroaches!!! expecially big ones!!
7. Anime is good for the soul
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
1. rukiaXichigo
2. cuz i luv rukia and ichigo...?!
3. Zoe
4. 15, Malaysia
5. Nice to meet u all!! yoroshiku ne!!~
6. likes... candy, anime, manga, laptop, ipod, music, fashion gothic-lolita, japan, sushi (lol) =D...
dislikes... bugs, ghosts, annoying ppl..
7. erm... i dont know... but i start off wit pokemon first tho.. then i fell in love wit anime already.. XD
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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
1. lilaznxgirl
2. cuz dat was the only thing i could think of at that time , im not really good at makin usernames for myself
3. Nathalie
4. 12 , NY
5. hi
6. Likes= mint, moon, night , musik , ipod , water , wind , i cant think of aanythin
Dislikes= cats , kittens, sun , sch , cant think of anythih
7. i jus watch it when i have time, i dont love it tho
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F / Somewhere far,far...
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
2.cuz at dat tym rili didn't c8r i just made an account so i can watch
3.Aya Grace
4.11, philippines
5.elo 2 ol da members
dislikes:vegetables rockz
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24 / F / Kota Kinabalu, Sa...
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
1. angeline_chong94
2. I choose it as my username because 'angeline' is my nick name, and I used to it.' 94' is the year I born. Also, it is more easier to remember my own username cause it is same as my email.
3. My real name is secret. In internet, I use 'Angeline' as my name.
4. Well, I am 14 this year. But birthday haven't come yet. I live in Malaysia, Sabah.
5. Hi to other members. ^^ Nice to meet you!
6. I likes anime, manga, money. I dislikes dog, because I am scare of them.
7. Well, I don't know the reason why I love it. Maybe because it is funny or interesting. ^^
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27 / F / Laguna, PH
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
1. yleighne
2. so the spelling would be changed.
3. Elainne. Nickname? Elie.
4. 16. Laguna, Philippines
5. Yo. Got some good manga there? xD
6. Nothing more, nothing less. Just what I have is what I love.
7. Story line.
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24 / F / i hope KOREA.. *s...
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
2.seigaku was taken from the tennis team,in prince of tennis anime..and i love POT!!
3.JeZz or Natsuna-chan
4.i am 13,asian
5.hello everybody,nice to meet u.i'm the mod of this group,so f u have any question,feel free to ask me!!and plis be free to buddy me!
7.anime is soooo cool,and the story is very interesting!!^^
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/24/08
2.i chose it because it waseasy to remeber
4.14 of age manteca, ca usa
5.whats up
6.likes:anime,football dislikes:i dont dislike anything ecept school
7.i like anime because it is interesting
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