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Post Reply //[email protected]//: iNtrOdUcTioNs!!!
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21 / F / Find me~
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/25/08
1. clynefaction12
2. It's like Lacus Clyne
3. Lakue Clynilla
4. 8 and Philippines
5. Hi!!!! Pleae add meand Join Cafe Corner!!!!! Thank you *bows*
6. Too many/Not too many
7. It's Interesting
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24 / F / "in where my Hiro...
Posted 5/14/08
1. shine_dreams18
2. wel, since its my email add
3. shinn
4. 14, Phil
5. have a nice day ^_^
6. well my likes are watching, playing and etc... dislike....actually when I dislike something it won't last for so long
7. I'm not really sure but all I know is that the stories are so great
Posted 5/14/08
1 nash_ayakahirusawa
2 my name...and the name of the protagonist in the manga Im working on...
3 nash...just call me nash please...
4 15 yrs old ......philippines yup...the dear old philippines
5 hey there!!!! i was invited here and went straight to this forum without even seeing the group description.....yup...coz the inviter sent me a message...and there it goes...thanks to the inviter btw....yah!!!! and happy to be here....
6 manga, and anime (obviously)good books and stuff, desserts....yey!
dislikes homework!!!!!!! hahaha
7....a found anime...and it urged me to write stories....i mean the plot in animes were awsome
Posted 5/14/08
1. lanciei134
2. because when I play ragnarok (offline), i chose this username... and the number... i just created it...
3. Call me Lan coz my name is long.....
4. 12 yrs old... and I live in the Philippines... Pearl of the Orient Seas
5. Hiya all!!! the creator invited me and i wasnt been active this group b4..... but she sent me a message and here i am.... this group is getting nicer and nicer.... hehehe... thanks by the way....
6. Animes.... a bit of manga... games... like grandia... desserts... but my dislikes is.... girly stuffs... (mga kikay masyado... ewwwww)
7. the stories amazed me.... in fact... i like animes when i was 6 yrs old... hehehe.... my first anime is Magic Knight Rayearth... and the pics are tottally awesome XD
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22 / M / NY
Posted 5/14/08
1. ragnarunerok.
2. i played ragnarok and runescape lol .
4. 13 Philippines.
5. HIHI.
6. Likes:playing games, watching animes, and playing sports. Dislikes:homework, rude people.
7. That its not real and anything can happen.

Posted 5/16/08
*My username is kuwaigirl
* I choose this cause dont know.. someone already has the username kawaiigirl so I just change the spelling...^_~..hehe
*13, Asian
*Hi..Hi Everyone..nice 2 meet u..
*Likes- anime, Manga, chatting,friends, family
*Anime cause Its like real human...haha
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26 / F / somewhere u wont...
Posted 5/16/08
1. igaB17
2. 'cause Iga is my real name and my fav number is 17 (also day of birth)
3. Iga
4. on August 17
5. Hi! Nice 2 meet u ;)
6. likes: anime, cats, biolgy, vollayball dislikes:spiders, being late, selfish ppl...
7. many interesting stories
Posted 5/16/08
1. MewButterfly
2. Chose my username cos I was obsessed with Tokyo Mew Mew at the time I guess i'm a mew
3. Deama (pronounced Deema) but you can call me Dmzy
4. 17 from the UK (London) ^-^
5. Heyaaaaaa everyone....hmm feel free to buddy me..I talk 2 everyone and also need more ppl 2 join my CR family ^-^ oh but i'm quite hyper and random at times...
6. I like reading, drawing, writing, chocolate, meeting new ppl, going hyper (it's fun..try it), anime, manga...O.o ect and bleh!
7. What makes me love anime is the animation (duh), the storylines, the fantasy (I wish I could live in a fantasy world), ooh and the HOTT anime guys LOL!! (If only they were love the bishies)
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23 / M / Phil. Davao City
Posted 5/17/08
1. your username j0hn98
2. why'd you chose your username : Becauz Theres No Name For Me
3. your real name Pj /John Paul
4. your real age and location 10yrs. and Davao. City Mindanao /Phil.
5. say your hi's and greetings Hello People.......! I love making Friends with u and Im a little Busy With My group PLz .... help Me at My group worrior anime ARE YOU OKAY GROUP
6. Likes/Dislikes : I like People Is Friendly and Very Fun to Talk .....
7. what makes you love anime?bcauz the Bakura ga ita Episode and Ghost hunt Episode Is Very Neat
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25 / M / X- 231, Y- 457
Posted 5/18/08
1. paolocard
2. It's kinda hard to explain
3. Ted
4. 16, Philippines
5. Yo!!!!!!
6. Likes: friends, chocolate, Hates: people who are fake...............vegetables
7. its perfectness
Posted 5/19/08

1. khaydi
2. it's my nickname
3. khaydi
4. 19, Philippines
5. Hi to everyone. Hope to have friends here.
6. Likes music, art, literature, anime, manga... Dislikes spiders, pickles, and green peas... hahaha...
7. what makes you love anime? It's unique... and I have many more reasons...
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77 / Zeta-Reticuli
Posted 5/20/08
1. fugu-chan
2. i remembered the fish that goes by this name
3. Tiney
4. 15-Philippines
5. Hi!
6. Likes: anime, manga, art, slasher movies, ice cream,weird stuff, marshmallows--dislikes: ordinary days, clear sky, too much heat
7. it helps me get through life
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28 / M
Posted 6/3/08
1. username: grime2
2. reason: bec. it is my username.
3. real name: ferdy / chew
4. age: 18
location: Caloocan, Philippines
5. message: Hello...... Nice to meet you all...
6. likes: music (mostly rock and metal), manga, anime, books (novels, comic books)
dislikes: unbearable heat....
7. reason why i like anime: it is entertaining and amusing. it also stirs up my imagination....
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24 / F / UnIvErSe.......
Posted 6/5/08
1.kate202 was my second real name nd the # of our school room...
4.14 yr old iligan city,philippines
5.hello guys nice 2 meet u...
6.likes anime nd friends dislikes:bad person
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Posted 6/28/08
2.coz these two are my fave female characters from NAA & DGM
4.12 & from singapore
5.hihi how's everyone?
6.likes:singing,dancing,meeting new friends,chatting,playing sports& dislikes:cockroaches,teachers,school,exams
7.animes are cool and the drawings are amazing
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