Jin's new song►"LOVEJUICE"=hip-hop club hit type song..
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Posted 4/21/08
*uwaa*..i was browsing the net & saw an info about kat-tun's new single (& their solo singles too..XD)

As expected, Jin, Koki, and Maru wrote their own songs. Ueda wrote and composed but didn't arrange. Also as expected, Kame and Junno got people with really weird pen names, so it's up in the air whether they did anything or not..

the people who wrote Jin's music 'cause they have full English names, and apparently, both of them are kind of big in Australia? But either way, Adrian Newman has a MySpace page, and Jade MacRae has her own webpage."LOVEJUICE" is probably going to be a hip-hop club hit type song..

credit goes to gothicauthor..XD
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