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so its goes like this...

each of you will make your own character
and then tell your character's past and age soo it will be like an I.D


Name: (character name)

Age: ~~~

Super power: ~~~


current job: (its better if its a regular)

(optional) Extra details:

(optional) picture: *your character (any pic or yourself)* <dont post a picture of naruto series or bleach>

then later when there are enough registry, where are going to make an RPS (role playing story)

If you need any more Info. ask me or ask in the walls...

* i will post the RPS soon soo just w8*
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Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08

Name: Mavelyn Rouge

Age: Not specified.

Super power: Animating inanimate objects to her will, as well as being able to understand animals.

Past: (Please read my story: 2 Hours in a Minute)

Mavelyn Rouge is the half-sister of Alice Lidell. Alice is who the author of Alice in Wonderland modelled her after. Jealous of this, Mavelyn researched the books of the occult in the hopes of cursing her. Unfortunately, she read too many incantations alloud carelessly and bewitched herself. In order for her to continue living, she focused all her will into the single material object that drew her jealousy: the original book of Alice in Wonderland. As long as the book is intact, she cannot be killed. Thus, her physical form remained that of a 14-year-old. Over time, her personality shifted in parallel with the Duchess of the story, and she learned that she can control inanimate objects, as well as understand the language of animals, if she concentrates hard enough.

current job: University student.

(optional) Extra details: Possible villain. She has 'created' a family for herself, much like the royal family in Alice in Wonderland. She is also very rich, and gives off an air of royalty/noblety, even in post-modern times. She dresses very aristocratic-like at home, and very elegant-like elsewhere, preferring white, red and/or black colours.

(optional) picture: None. Cameras don't capture her correctly, therefore no picture can be put in detail.
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