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Here are some profiles of the characters in Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny by Allegiance!!!

You can also post here but only profiles of the character or other information about Gundam Seed/Destiny!!!

I hope your cooperation!!!

Clyne Faction~

Kira Yamato

Name: Kira Yamato
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 28th CE 55
Genetic Type: Coordinator
Age: 18
Blood Type: A
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Purple
Height: 165cm*
Weight: 58kg
Pilots: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam -> ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom
Status: Civilian living with Lacus Clyne and takes care of orphans
Allegiance: Neutral -> Clyne Faction
Love Interest: Lacus Clyne
Voice: Souichiro Hoshi

Now 18-years-old. He has had his place in the previous war of Jakin Due. He is now officially taking a break from war and dislikes it himself. He seems to be quiet most of the times and gets to live with Lacus Clyne. Together, they live a peaceful life and takes care of orphan children. He has an extremely cool outfit.

He shows great care to everyone he loves and protects them when needed. He has a great spirit and can be described as a pacifist in the sense that he does not want to kill, and also dislikes war.

The previous war has given Kira a great deal of experience. He strikes when he is on the defensive and only disarms enemy mobile suits while leaving the cockpit unharmed. He is capable of taking on a great deal of mobile suits and emerge unscathed showing how great he is now.

~Other Description~
Two years have passed since the war of Jakin Due, once a member of the Earth Alliance, now officially goes on a path of non-violence with his companion, Lacus Clyne. They both lived in a seaside cabin at first with a daycare as well as Kira's "mother and father", but was later forced to move out so they re-located to a mansion. However, due to an unfortunate situation (Phase 13), he later realized that something had to be done, and later, together with Lacus, Murrue, Andrew, and other members of the Clyne Faction, they relaunched in the Archangel and since then, have been on a path towards stopping conflicts. He plays a key role in ending conflicts in his Freedom Gundam by intervening in conflicts between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, whom Athrun Zala views it as a disruption.

As a firm promoter of peace, he protects all people who he loves and cares about, especially Lacus Clyne. He is fairly quiet when he was living with Lacus in their seaside cabin and mansion, but once the Archangel re-launced and the Clyne Faction was back up and running, he started to talk more and gives decisive orders. He has a hatred inside for Mia Campbell due to the fact that she is an imposter of Lacus Clyne. His actions are often for the better and he strives to end all conflicts in support for peace.

An extremely large jump in combat experience is shown in Kira Yamato as he pilots his ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. His fighting skills are so advanced that he has been untouchable, and nothing has been able to stand in his way. As a supporter of peace, he makes sure never to cut through the cockpit of a mobile suit and only disables his enemies by decimating their weapons systems, and sometimes an arm, leg, or a booster pack. His speed is extremely fast as well enabling him to easily dodge attacks from multitudes of enemies and wiping out large squadrons of mobile suits. In addition, he is capable of easily intercepting missiles thanks to his HiMAT system that is able to lock on to all of them. His power is beyond compare and can defeat even the newest of all mobile suits. Where others struggle, he has no stress in handling and is capable of disabling three Gundams (Chaos, Gaia, Abyss) within seconds while emerging victorious without a single scratch. His combat skills are so impressive, that he never uses his shield to block beam and projectile attacks and only uses it to block saber attacks in which he is also capable of avoiding. He can entirely total Athrun's Savior Gundam in a few swift moves. All pilots fail to dodge one of Kira's advances and attacks when they are targeted. The sole pilot that was able to dodge Kira's beam saber, was Shinn Asuka in his Impulse Gundam when he was in Seed Mode. Despite that one time, Kira Yamato is without a doubt, the best pilot in all of Gundam Seed and Destiny.
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Lunamaria Hawke
Age: 17
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Genetic Type: Coordinator
Mobile Suits: ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior, ZGMF-X56S Impulse
Rank: ZAFT Red Elite
Love Interest: Shinn Asuka
Relative: Meyrin Hawke (Sister)
Allegiance: ZAFT

Background: Lunamaria is quite open minded compared to Shinn and Rey. She has a younger sister, Meyrin Hawke who operates on the Minerva. She seems to know Athrun's past well and takes a huge like to him. Lunamaria is a ZAFT Elite Red Suit and pilots a Gunner ZAKU Warrior. Also a side note, she added a short miniskirt to her ZAFT uniform and has her ZAKU Warrior painted Red/Pink. Later she upgrades to the ZGMF-X56S Impulse as Shin takes the Destiny Gundam.

Personality: Lunamaria is open minded and seems to like Athrun Zala a lot. She is quite brave and strong willed and isn't afraid to taunt Athrun now and then. She also likes to tease Shinn alot. She eventually ends up falling for Shin after Athrun and her sister's apeparant death.

Talents: Lunamaria is poor with firearm aiming, ironically she fights with long ranged weapons with a mobile suit. She's not quite up to the level of Shin and Rey, but she can pull a few quick moves that can get her out of a jam.

*Other Description*

Lunamaria is Shinn Asuka's best friend. They met during the academy along with Rey Za Burrel, Meyrin Hawke (Lunamaria's sister), Yolant Clark, and Vino Dupre. In the beginning of the episode, Lunamaria seem to have a crush on Athrun Zala when he returns to ZAFT, and because of that she and her sister Meyrin always compete for Athrun's attention. Lunamaria pilots the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU warrior and then upgrades to Impulse Gundam after Shinn received the Destiny Gundam because of his performance on Operation Angel Down.

Anyway, when Lunamaria inherit Shinn's Impulse Gundam, the two kissed and Shinn vowed to protect her to in the battlefield. She also discovers Meer/Mia Campbell's secret and kept it to herself. Lunamaria is a good character and she's really great piloting mobile suit, but not at shooting. Oh, she's also the crew of ZAFT's battleship, Minerva

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