Naruto RP, but in MSN
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Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
Halo peeps. So basically it's a forum to gather members to be in the roleplaying game...

You may choose a member of the Akatsuki to roleplay or any Naruto character. After we have lots of members, we may consider that you can make your own characters. Although, you must submit the profile to me. That is, after I have make the announcement.

This game is based on MSN, so you need to be at least online an hour a day... Although, you will need to know the personality of the character... They cannot be out of character... Eg. Naruto: "So 101 + 34 = 135" It's impossible... And Kakashi "Eh? I'm the first to reach..." Those are totally impossible so please don't make such a mistake by choosing a character that you do not understand well.

Okay, so if you guys are interested, please leave your MSN or email your MSN to me. (= I will add you on MSN and talk to you personally OR you can email the whole profile of who you are RP-ing as to my crunchyroll email. (= Anybody new that's joining I will email you the MSN address or tell you in MSN. If you want to change characters later, like an OC, just email me who you want to be and I will settle it for you, and if you plan to quit, you may, but please notify me ASAP, thanks.

Also, I require the time you will be free... In SGT... Sorry if you find it troublesome!

So, I hope to meet you guys soon online! (=

Characters taken:

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Posted 12/6/09 , edited 12/6/09
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