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Describe your Idealistic Lover
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25 / F
Posted 10/30/07
-brown hair blue eyes ^^
-Surgeon or Engineer
-Asks me to go out with them at romantic place
-Or propses that way ^^
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Posted 10/30/07
Most of what Kieutie and anime collector said describes me....yet still I have problems getting dates, lol.
Anyway....someone who is caring, at least some of the same interests (so we could spend time together doing something we both enjoy.) Looks barely matter at all....thats about it.
My standards arent very high...
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77 / M
Posted 10/30/07

Hopchow wrote:

Kieutie wrote:

blablabla9876 wrote:

wow you're picky

it's idealistic...
it's surely not the requirements to marry me...lol

She's also young. Who wasn't idealistic when they were young? At her age I still wanted to save the world. Now I'm just trying to save myself.

I actually want to DESTROY the world
haha...don't judge..

the world will end in the year 2012 :D
Posted 10/30/07
smart,,, immature/mature... doesnt get mad easily.. understands me.. sweettt .. be there for me 24/7 ... LOVES CARRRRSSS.. LOL
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27 / F / Kazakhstan
Posted 10/30/07
- can argue with me and have a chance of winning
- strong sprit
- always looks at the bright side of things
- won't be held back by anything, to do what they want in life and won't hold me back
- someone who knows i'm imperfect and loves it
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77 / M
Posted 10/30/07
actualy...Nostradamus predicted 911 since 1654..

"In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb",
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"
- Nostradamus 1654

so...idk...it could happen
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26 / F / FRESNO
Posted 10/30/07

taller....sexy...handsome...nice...abundant...and honest...happy...likes me of course...and lots more!!
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77 / M
Posted 10/30/07
good luck finding all those
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27 / M / hell wisconsin
Posted 10/30/07
depends. But cute smart petite brown hair green eyes creative and very open minded wide range of interests a little forceful but not bossy. kind and in control.
Posted 10/31/07
- has a good sense of humor
- very caring
- open minded
- loyal
- smart
- charming
- understanding
- funny man
- responsible

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26 / F / Hell
Posted 10/31/07
hahahaha!! if i said it, he'd be banned in 64 countries!!! and i'd get locked up in the "happy place"
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41 / M
Posted 10/31/07

Kieutie wrote:

My idealistic lover...

-smarter than me....he must attain at least a Masters
-taller than me by 6 inches just in case I wear heels...
-kind-hearted & understanding...does good stuff & knows how to share!
-caring & loving....towards his family and the people around him
-has to be a good role model/influence for his kids and those who look up to him..
-loyal & veracious
-romantic yet spontaneous at the same time...at the right time...
-open-minded & participate well in a debate
-gentlemanly & courteous
-good hygience..knows how to take care of his health & stay in shape :]
-good morality...whatever religion...i don't care...but i do carea about his morality..
-responsible son/father/husband
-respect the elders and yielding towards the young..
-settled life & steady career..
-treat me right, buy me flowers on our anniversary, kiss me every morning before he go to work as well as everynight before he shuts his eyes
-knows how & when to shut up....=D
-always acquiring new knowledge...this is a plus...smart men turns me on =D
-at least know how to cook a few dish...lol

Appearance-wise...i am pretty shallow..haha ;)

-taller than me...i mentioned that above..
-i love white men, yet I prefer asian because my dad discriminates ><
-decent looking...:]
-nice, clean smile...no braces please
-clean shave...no after shadows..eww
-no hairy chest...big turn off ><
-no bad body-odor..that's what deodorant & soap are for :]
-brush his teeth at least twice a day & shower daily!
-dress decently...no bagging pants...i like my man with ties on :]

Commonalities...sharing the same interests as me :]

-enjoy traveling....
-loves to shop...he cannot complain..haha
-enjoys gardening..
-does romantic stuff..like watching sunsets & such..
-take pictures with me =D
-share the same taste in music as me...i listen to all kind except for rap & country..and opera of course..
-play an instrument like drums, guitar, or piano
-creativity is definitely required

haha, I do demand a lot..

tat's alot dear~

hmmm.... for me ah ,
- a simple man.
- who will love me as who i am..... and i can respect, admire and love him for who he is~
- able to leave me alone ie give me space to breath (yup, surprising i am not a clingy gf)
- stable character and temperaments (i've enough of emotional guys )
- appreciate my jokes
- have a 'rich' life.... who don't simply exist or live. and he had learnt to enjoy not only the moutain-top experiences but also embrace the valleys (downs) of life gracefully~

tat's all~

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F / Philippines
Posted 10/31/07
my idealistic lover?
-fun to be with
-faithful anD...
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25 / M
Posted 10/31/07
-Crazy and unpredictable personality
-Really short or really tall(but not above six foot)
-Intelligent, deep, or philisophical(only needs to be one of the three).
-Cute(sometimes, it makes people easier to love. whether it's personality, actions, or appearance.)
-Confident(this is a must have as if a girl is too nervous around me i find it hard to engage them in any sort of interesting conversation, and if i can't be interested, i get bored, and if i get bored i go wander[i don't cheat] till i find something that interests me)
-Sense of humour
-Passionate and angry(if she's not, how can you have a good arguement with her?)
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27 / F / U.S.
Posted 10/31/07
- out going
-hard working but layed back
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