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Describe your Idealistic Lover
Posted 3/30/12
A someone like a no one.
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Posted 3/30/12
Why is believing in a god greater than themselves a prerequisite? That's absurd. What makes someone like that so different, or better than anyone else? I don't believe in any god, nor any "spirituality" or souls or any of that crap. I believe in myself, I believe in the ever changing tide of the world and of life, which I have the power to affect in my way. I believe in humanity but never in a god. I look at them as a crutch, a reason to stay true to your beliefs. I stay true because I choose to, by my own choices and my own will.

alright, now that that's over.... Perfect woman. Well, my girlfriend would count. Shiny brown hair, brown eyes, a little on the short size, vertically impaired if you will (so cute when she tries to reach the high shelves! XD), has a nice body, especially her legs! Me gusta. Sweet, intelligent, a little shy (doesn't like partying) loves going with me to the beach, walking in the forest, going on drives and picnics, loves hanging out with me and my family (her family is no longer with us), watching movies, gaming, watching me do things. But, she also wants her alone time and time to hang out with her friends. She handles herself well all month long, and knows when she's in a bad mood and lets me know before hand!!!! Knows how to talk to me when there's a problem instead of the whole "There's nothing wrong. I'm just tired. I don't wanna talk about it." Anyway, all this is good, it shows she has her own personality and life as well as what we have. She's cute, caring and amazing, smart and driven in life and is actually kind of funny. Maybe unintended, but all the more hilarious for it . What more do you need?
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