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Describe your Idealistic Lover
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77 / M
Posted 11/7/07
nice,cute and smart
pretty much da same as everyones
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36 / F / PI
Posted 11/7/07
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31 / M / California
Posted 11/8/07
Redirected from the following thread.
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23 / F / Sg
Posted 11/8/07
many more of de not usual ideal lover characteristics
wad can i sae?
im jus plain WEIRD
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29 / F / kl
Posted 11/10/07
a lot...
music lover
can play any musical instrument
taller thn me..
slim n slender..
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Posted 11/10/07
i asian guy, sort of hyper ,and likes to be playful, taller than me is a MUST, he has to be able to play some instrument of some sort or likes art stuff, which makes him cultured, has to make me laugh and likes visual kei, yep =D
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25 / M / england
Posted 11/10/07
cute and shy
friendly with me
shares the same interests as me
slim and shorter than me about 5 ft 2 inch since im 5 ft 7inch
has alot of friends
has been my lost childhood friend well depends either childhood friend will do
always smile whenever she sees me

long hair black or brown
green or brown eyes
and i dont really know much girly stuff
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31 / F / Don't Stalk Me No...
Posted 11/10/07
My ideal man..

- Sensible
- Kind & Loving
- Humor & Stupid (stupid in a funny way)
- Loves me for who I am, and doesn't point out my flaws but loves me for them
- Will call just to ask how my day was going
- Will do anything to keep me happy
- Not too clingy or pushy
- Maybe share the same interests as i..
- Won't hurt me/Leave me hanging
- Will give me space whenever i need it
- Always be there..
- I don't really care about the looks.. well as long as he's taller, has a good personal hygiene, and good looking to me.. i'm good to go :)
but i already have that someone in mind
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F / Philippines
Posted 11/10/07
tall,tan/fair complexion,good looking, honest, kind, humorous, and loves me for who i am. haha..
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M / right here
Posted 11/10/07
ideal women:

hot, good-looking, cute, nice body, nice face
likes me for me
is shorter than me im 5'6 soim kinda short, no lovely complex me me
has a good personality
is hot
likes to have sex.. with me. a lot. everyd ay
doesnt have an std

ok bye
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28 / F / Soon to be SCAD
Posted 11/10/07

Kieutie wrote:

ugh, well I couldn't find it! ><
i searched the forum for a similar thread yet I couldn't find any except for that "anime husband thing"

sheeshkabab ><

What Do Girls Want?
What is your ideal fantasy person?
What is the Best Part of a Man's Body?
Most Beautiful Women/Men Thread!

While there are still more threads like this, I think you can find somewhere to post your ideal mate in one of the ones listed.
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Posted 11/10/07
hm i have two people in mind... one guy and one girl

always there when i need him to be
will listen to me when i'm in a rut and need someone to talk to
always knows how to make me laugh

knows me so well she can tell that something's bugging me even when i'm acting normal
always knows what to say to me when i'm depressed
always there for me
when i'm in one of my ruts, she tries so hard to make me happy that even if i don't believe a word she says, the fact that she tries is enough to make me feel happy
doesn't mind physical contact (i can't live without hugs from my loved ones)

i'm so confused....
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27 / USA
Posted 11/10/07
-Great personality
-taller than me
-smart =P
-fun/ funny person
-Someone who will always be there for me
-will never cheat..
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24 / We've been here s...
Posted 11/10/07

Doom-Desire wrote:

My ideal girl is probably a one in a million, but I'm prepared to fight for that till the end.

1) Looks: She has to be fairly nice. Not too ugly, but not a total barbie look alike, I'm not fussy on looks, but you'll juts have to take my word for that
2) Size: Fair again, which is not too fat or too anorexic.
3) Boobs: Actually I don't care much for these at all, I've been attracted to girls who are flat before, so yea...strangely this isn't an issue for me.
4) Personality: She has to have a sweet and caring personality, and a has a sense of humour, I'd also like to her to be a fair bit smart, she doesn't have to be a brainbox, but neither do i want a half wit, once again, average is fine. One who thrives to keep a loving relationship working. I cou;ld never date someone who was likely to date me a week, get her share from my body and go off informing me she had aids or something. >.>
5) Virgin...Yup..I'm very picky on this one. Some people may see that as kind of pointless, but I see it as my way of weeding the good from the bad. I don't like girls who can have sex, break up and shrug it off and move on. If she can wait as long as I can for the perfect moment, then she's the one for me. Though it's not so much the virginity I seek, more of this is my way of seeing who the loyal and trustworthy are. I could also date a girl whose only sexual experience was through a forced rape, that's not her faukt and by that logic, she still has the ability to be that same kind.
6) Hair: don't really care, providing it's past her head.
7) Interests: You see I don;t really get this, some people say they want a girl who shars the same interests with them. If I can befreind people who don't have the same interests as me, why can't I date a girl like that too. She may not have the same interests, but there's nothing a genreal discussion about life can't solve. EVERYONE can discuss that.

haha nice. good luck with your dream girl. shouldn't be that difficult =)
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25 / F / • ♥ Varia Headqua...
Posted 11/20/07
Cheerful...out going....honest...trustworthy...caring..
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