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Posted 4/21/08

Green Uniform
The starting and lowest rank for ZAFT forces. Usually worn by the maintenance and technical crew, but also worn by CIA on battleships. The maintenance crews are responsible for repairing and working with the mechanics of the Gundam as well as putting out any fires that are on the ship. The CIA detects enemies and gives warning to the crew on anything picked up by the radar and is also sometimes responsible for executing the launching sequence.

Red Uniform
Worn by only the Elite Topguns of ZAFT. They were selected to become Elites based on their performance in training. Each Elite pilots a Gundam or a Mobile Suit.

Purple/Black Uniform
The Colors of the Lieutenant of the ship. They usually relay orders given from the Captain and ensure that they are carried out.

White Uniform
Worn by the highest commanding officer of a ship, the Commander. The Commander is in charge of the overall workings of the ship and directs his/her crew by giving orders. Though usually commander outfits are adorned with gold angles, Talia Glady's is an exception.

Special Op
Easily distinguished by their dark clothing and their night vision goggles, they often perform tasks that are ordered directly from the Supreme Chairman himself, and lurk in the night trying to be as quiet as possible. They are used for missions such as assasination of people designated by the Supreme Chairman, and should they fail, they kill themselves by self destructing in their Mobile Suits to leave no trace of their failure or risk capture.
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