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Watch the whole series before reading thsi one. Spoilers.

Mikan gazed absently out the classroom window, her warm brown eyes distant. She had already finished her test, and was eager to go outside and into the warm sunshine. Quiet clanks were coming from Hotaru’s desk, where she was thoughtfully tinkering with some invention or another. Natsume was leaning back in his chair, looking bored and causing small bursts of flame to appear over his head. Ruka-pyon was still working, pencil scratching across the paper.

Mikan was bored. It was a lazy early-summer day, the kind when wispy clouds ponderously wander across the sky and the sun warms the ground in a way that begs you to lay down in the soft summer grass. A streak of sunlight cut across Mikan’s paper and warmed her hand, seeping between the heavy curtains over her window. Mikan was the kind of person who needed to move, to work, who leaps into a problem enthusiastically and gets tangled up in it’s sticky threads in the process. Sitting still was not something she was good at.

Looking around to find something to entertain herself with, Mikan caught sight of Natsume’s fires, which came in and out of existence with each new casting. Natsume would be mad, no doubt, but Mikan didn’t care. She liked Natsume because he could get mad in the way he did. If he didn’t, he just wouldn’t be Natsume.

Mikan struggled to hold back a smile, and kept staring in apparent boredom out the window. Then, with the barest flicker of will, she Nullified Natsume’s flames. The last one went out, and no more appeared. Mikan wanted to smile, grin, squirm with pleasure. Using her Alice was fun, but it was even better against Natsume. Most of the students had good Alices, but not enough willpower to fight Mikan’s Nullification. Natsume almost never succeeded, but he always tried as hard as he could.

And then it started. The fierce tug-of-war between the two that was invisible to anyone except them. Natsume pushed, Mikan pushed harder. Alice battles were the only things Mikan could beat Natsume at.

Then the bell rang. Mikan jumped to her feet, and instantly a small blaze caught her hair on fire. She yelped and Nullified it, then ran to Hotaru’s desk and huddled behind her, looking nervously out at Natsume. They had known each other for years, had been going out for almost as long, but even though Mikan was now a full-fledged Alice wielding middle schooler, she couldn’t get used to having her waist length brown pigtails catch on fire. Which they often did.

Hotaru looked at Natsume with her violet eyes which only ever held any emotion when Mikan was involved. Right now, there was the barest flicker of anger, combined with amusement. She was one of the only people who knew of Mikan and Natsume’s relationship, along with Ruka-pyon and a few others. They were careful to keep it quiet, though. If word got out that the infamous Dangerous Ability Flame Caster and the (equally well-known) Special Ability Nullification/Stealing Alice were going out together, who knew what the school would do?

Natsume smiled faintly, an expression only used for Mikan. The class was buzzing, chattering, and whirling with activity. Kitsuneme was flying about, and Sumire was in dog/cat form jumping from desktop to desktop as she tried to catch him. Koko-kun was playing a game which involved his Mind Reading Alice with Misaki and Anna. Mochiage-kun was making his school supplies whirl around his head as he lazily tilted his chair back on two legs.

Mikan, momentarily forgetting about her burnt hair, joined the throng, bouncing and giggling as Mochiage set down the contents of his backpack and levitated her for a moment instead. On Mikan’s first day at the Academy, he had lifted her up in the very same way, forcing her to hold still while Koko-kun read her mind for any inkling about her Alice, though that occasion had been just a bit more cruel. How different Mikan was now from the naïve young girl who had first arrived, all those years ago. She had gone from a No-Star to a Special-Star, something she could never have achieved when she first came in search of Hotaru. All of her adventures had made wiser and stronger, but she was still the same clumsy, cheerful ditz that she had always been. It was those ditzy qualities that made it almost impossible to resist her.

As soon as Mochiage put her back down, Mikan grinned and motioned Hotaru, Ruka-pyon, and Natsume out side with her, darting from the classroom. Wheels decorated with pig heads sprouted from the bottom of Hotaru’s shoes, and with out batting an eyelash she rolled out the door after Mikan, her shoulder-length black hair trailing behind her. Hotaru almost never just walked. Natsume and Ruka followed.

Once outside, Mikan fell on her back in the grass and closed her eyes, grinning up at the sky. This was Mikan’s favorite time of year at the Academy, when every thing was green and gentle breezes rolled out of the North Woods and tickled the ends of her hair, causing her long pigtails to sway back and forth. She felt Natsume lay down beside her, his arm going under her and pulling her closer to him around the waist. She smiled wider.
All was right with the world in Alice Academy.

Soooo how was it??
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