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Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08

Series: Gundam Seed
Classification: Colony
Created By: Earth Alliance

Description: This type of colony is known as Island-3 and its design is based on the Princeton physicist Gerard K. O'Neill's real-life designs for a space colony. This colony was to be made up of two cylinders that would rotate on opposing sides to generate gravity inside the colony and keep the colony in its place in space. In addition, this colony has three large rotating windows, also serving as mirrors to harness solar power providing energy to the colony, that would be able to recreate the daytime-nighttime cycles on earth. These colonies would range from 50 to 100 square kilometers in length and have the ability to house several million people. In the series, Island-3 colonies used by Naturals and neutral nations such as the Orb Union who take no side in the war. These space colonies are enormous metal cylinders, twenty miles long and four miles in diameter, which rotate every two minutes to create artificial gravity. Most colonies use an open design, with external mirrors which reflect sunlight into the interior through giant window panels. These colonies were also used in the Universal Century Gundam series.
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