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Hmong Music!
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Posted 8/15/08

RoseHiga wrote:

shinryu44 wrote:

whats a hmong? Srry im just ill-informed.


i Think It's Funny To0. :]

Mm...i Don't Listen To Hmong Music.
But i Kno A Couple Of Hmong's.
Does Dat Count? Hehe.
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Posted 9/2/08
Hmong music is ok but the movies r way better
is there any hmong movies on CR?
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Posted 7/7/09
woo im kinda late huh lol >_<
well im hmong too!! i never knew there was a thread like this lol
i LOVE hmong music i listen 24/7 but im not emmer or watever hehe (no offense)
i havent seen anyone wrote most of these bands but i suree love them =]]

evol ------i love tos koj ib leeg && phooj ywg
htr----ib xyoo is oldd but i still like it
IIu or 2u -----baby dont cry awww i still lover that song xP
5ntears-----ua li koj hais!
3 a crowd
KLS------naas ej phab ej :)
no love
jakobie her
angel xiong
kiana lawj
winner xiong ----koj ib leeg!!
rare-----if i should die...omg that song is soo meaniful lol
new breed

and think thats probably it hehe to listen to hmong music u can try i dont think u can download there tho (sorry im new...i dont know how to link websites) hehe
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64 / F / In my dreams with...
Posted 9/2/09
I'm not Hmong but I have a very dear Myspace friend who is, so this thread really caught my eye. And, I checked out some of the performers listed here, especially Tub Yaj. He has such a beautiful voice!!! Obviously, I don't know what he's saying, but I sure enjoy listening to him. And I like the sound of your language. Thanks for the thread!! I always enjoy checking out new (to me, anyhow) music.
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Posted 1/12/10
OP has nuked. All you out there are free and welcome to recreate this thread.
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