**Three word game (re-make)
Posted 1/19/07
does anyone know anything abiut the old forum game called 3 word game

well i cant seem to find it and bump it back up so im bringing it back to life^-^

if you have not played this before it is simple all you have to do is carry on the story from where the last poster left off but you have a limetted ammount of 3 words so for an e.g. lets say someone above posted sommit saying

he jumped off

then the next person will write the next 3 words to carry on the story like

the tallest cliff

one rule you cannot post more than 1 time in a row

btw if anyone can find the origional please bump it back up (if it has then go for that one instead)

here we go

one day a
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Posted 1/19/07
its in the game section at the bottom of the page ^-^
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Posted 1/19/07

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