Making good use of GROUP TAGS
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
Not sure if anyone has noticed yet, but there are now tags that you can associate with your groups. The main tags that I've started using and am trying to get other people to use are:

language - for any group on a language (like zhongwen)
china, chinese
country - for any "country" group like China

If you have an appropriate group, please add one or more of these tags. It'll make your group easier to find. For example, the country tag:

Of course, as you may notice here we also have narutards who are tagging their naruto groups as "country" even though they have nothing to do with a country. This brings up the point that you should ideally avoid using tags on your group that make no sense!

Stupid narutards.....

So what other meaningful tags are people trying to use?

(Also, wish we had a [tag][/tag] "bbcode" for linking to tags.)

Hmm... should this be moved to Extended Discussion?
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Posted 4/22/08
I'm not into groups too much... but Amen to your Narutard statement.
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Posted 4/22/08
Gives me the giggles, narutards.
Posted 4/23/08
Naruto is a country??? lol
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Posted 1/15/10
OP nuked, feel free to recreate thread. (Though kinda pointless with this one)
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