Post Reply How do u feel about chain letters on cr?
Posted 4/21/08
I hate them sooooooooooo much.....they suxxxx
Posted 4/22/08
i dont really like them, cause its like all of a sudden, after you get one...... millions of others start to come. it can get pretty annoying!
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Posted 7/15/08
actually i was cool with them and i don't get made if some one send it to me i feel happy that they remember me
but recently i have been sending the message to all my CR buddy because some of them don't talk to me and they r my buddies so i thought it would be a way to talk to them so i send it but oops some of them get made cause they don't like the chains "how could i know?????????" and from that moment i don't send them to any one other than the one who sent it to me

u r must be bored now
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